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For Kraig and Tiffany Rucker, the journey to parenthood has been a winding road filled with hope, resilience, and unwavering determination. Married for 15 years, they've navigated through the highs and lows of infertility, facing each challenge with a united spirit and an unbreakable bond.

Despite their deepest desires to conceive naturally, Kraig and Tiffany found themselves confronted with the heart-wrenching reality of infertility. Yet, rather than allowing this obstacle to define their path, they chose to embrace the possibility of adoption, igniting a newfound sense of hope and purpose.

After much contemplation and soul-searching, Kraig and Tiffany decided to pursue embryo adoption as their chosen path to building a family. This decision wasn't merely about fulfilling their longing for children; it was about embracing the opportunity to provide a loving home for a child in need and to nurture a bond that transcends biological ties.

With hearts brimming with love and anticipation, Kraig and Tiffany, along with their little dogs Rusty and Pepper, are ready to embark on this remarkable journey, filled with endless possibilities and boundless love. They believe that every child deserves a loving and nurturing home, and they are committed to opening their hearts and their home to the precious gift of adoption.

Join us as we write the next chapter of our family story—a story of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of love. Together, we are ready to embark on the most meaningful journey of all— the journey to parenthood.

Natasha Rucker

I hope you are able to adopt!

Laura Henricksen

Jim and Debbie Pearson

Prayers for this journey! Adoption is beautiful!

Ashley Rucker

Love you guys!

Bill and Michele Rucker

Super excited for you! We’re praying it’ll be smooth sailing. We love you! ♥️

Aaron Henricksen

Edna Fernandes

Dear Kraig & Tiffany, Congratulations on your adoption. Your family has found the missing piece that makes it even more special and we can’t wait to see the amazing memories and moments you’ll create together. Sending you love & blessings. Tony & Edna

flowers_lena@yahoo.com Bailey

Super excited for you!!!

Kathy Lundgren

You two are awesome and will be wonderful parents. I’m so proud of the way you’ve handled these trying times together. Jesus and your church family will be with you all through your journey.