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Well decision to adopt came from seeking God. My husband and I got married 13 and half years ago, and we started our marrage with the understanding that I was unable to bare children, and we decided then that we would adopted, but after 9months of praying and fasting and seeking God, and serving in ministry, we found out that I was preganet, and new that God Answered our prayers. we were not only blessed with 1 but with 3 girls. 

We both come from big families 25 brother's and sisers on my husbands side, and I have a total of 14 siblings. My husband and I always wanted a big family, but I struggled with having more children after our 3rd child. this was very hard for us, but we know that God will provided. 

On January 30th 2018 we lost our 2nd Princess to the level 2 flu, This was a vary difficult time for our family, but we still contenue to Serve God, knowing that without a dought that we lost a princess, but gained a gaurdian angle. Still our desire to grow our family bruned brighter and stronger. We are then comforted again with the idea of adoption. 

We choose to from our homeland Samoa, because we heard of how there are children that have been forgotten. We know that in our walk of life God's love is unconditinal, and never ending. God adopted us into the family of God, We have so much love to give, and we can still grow our family by showing God's agape love to others. 

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