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Hello friends,

Families come in different sizes and take on many forms.  I've always wanted to be a mom, and now I am thrilled to be taking this path to build my family.  I have a wonderful big family and support system, and together we are excited to welcome a new child (or children) into our family with open hearts full of love and nurturing. We are a family of strong values, faith, and caring about others. 

It is a long road to adoption. It can also be lonely in a way, going through the adoption process without a partner. My friends and contacts are truly important in this process, and I so value the insights and support of thgose who have walked this path before me! I am using AdoptionBridge as a means to tell my story and (hopefully!) gather support for my journey. I'll provide updates here in the Updates tab as the process moves foward. 

October 2019 - with my home study and also all additional required education all completed (yay!), I am now starting on the dossier. I have submitted my i800-A application, which goes to Dept Homeland Security. This basically asks the US govt to bring in an adopted child from Haiti and they do a rigorous USCIS background check (different check than what is done during homestudy).  I was fingerprinted on Oct 31 and they say a few weeks to process. Fees included 3500.00 most of that was for homestudy.

Nov 2019 - The dossier - this packet includes notarized and apostilled: bank letters, doctor letters, a psychiatric evaluation, birth cert, passport copy and extra photos, employment verification letter, the USCIS approval, and 2 letters of recommendation and my own personal "Request for Adoption" letter. Phew! All this will go to the govt of Haiti. My goal is to mail all this out by end of November 2019. Oh and there are fees - 6000.00 is due.


  1. Hi All, The adoption fundraising period appears to be over on this site. However, my fees continue. I have another $4300.00 bill to pay to submit my dossier to Haiti. It's been a rough beginning of 2020, with a number of challenges that have delayed my dossier submission. Now, I have to pay this $400 fee to submit. Any support people wish to provide will be well-received.

  2. As we slide into the holiday season, I am still waiting on i800-A approvals to process (the background check). My goal of dossier submission by Dec is delayed, with a new goal by Christmas. But it depends on when the paperwork is finally processed.

  3. Halfway through November, halfway through the dossier! I've been working diligently on all the dossier documents. I am still waiting for the background check certifications to finish processing. I'm also waiting on the apostille for my Florida birth certificate. The apostille is needed in the state of origin. I have a doctor's appointment later this week, so I expect to get my medical letter shortly. I have found many of the agencies have confusion over the need for original signatures. In this day and age of emails and electronic notices, getting an original human signature can take extra effort. And my bank branch tells me they have no means for providing a signed statement. Frankly, that is pretty dumb. I will need to work with MLJ to figure out what to do.

Patricia Preston

Delighted to be able to get updates on the whole exciting process! Know we are all behind you every step of the way!

Ellen Minerva

Jen I will support your path in any way that I can! You have so much love to give!!!!!

Anne Preston

Casey Matzke

We are thrilled. Must get together and learn more. January? Glenda and Casey

Julie Miles

So excited for you!!! Please remember you can always stay with me in Miami if you ever have a layover!

Matthew Marsh