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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Family, Thank you for taking the time to visit here. We want to say how much we appreciate your time, and are continuing to pray for you on your journey. You are now, and you will always be, this child's family. As an adoptee myself (Erin), I know how important a relationship is with a birth parent. William and I live in New Jersey. William is a Project Manager who works remotely for a Market Research Company. I am a Preschool Teacher at a local school where I teach ages 4-5. We both love our jobs a lot. William and I met in 2015. I knew he was the one after the first date when he walked me back to my car and insisted on meeting my dad (and my dog). Our love of coffee, family, and each other continued to grow. We got married in 2019, and over the last four years, William and I have loved supporting and growing closer to each other. We bought our home, brought in new pets, and have been there for one another medically, professionally, socially, and emotionally.

Why are we adopting? Adoption has always been an option for us. Throughout the past couple years, situations beyond our control have driven us to think about it more clearly. In addition, I am an adoptee. Not only do I have love to give, but I understand adoption first hand. There will always be someone in the home that can answer their questions. We are so glad our future child will have Erin to understand adoption. Between the way she cares for people in her daily life, along with the way she loves her work, she is going to be an amazing mother. We have so much love to give. We know the situation you are placed in is extremely difficult. We just can say thank you so much for even considering us and reading this. Please inquire about us if you're interested (we hope you are!) and we wish you a healthy, happy, and safe journey!

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