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Domestic Adoption

Hi there, 

We want to begin by honoring and acknowledging the difficulty you are facing at each step of decision-making for you and your child. We know just in taking this step, all that you are doing is wrapped up in loving sacrifice and the desire for your child's very best. We admire your courage and are grateful for the time you are taking to read a little bit about our family.


We grew up just 25 minutes apart, but didn't meet until our freshman year of college in another state. After a year of friendship, we took the next step into dating and the rest is history. We married in 2010 after graduation and moved to Kyle's hometown in East Texas. We currently own a home that we enjoy making our own, as renovating has become something to enjoy together in our free time. Our community is passionate about Friday night football, good Tex-Mex, local coffee shops, and is filled with pine trees and parks. You’ll often find us spending time outdoors hiking or kayaking, cooking together, playing board games, or watching a good movie, and enjoying quality time with friends and family. 


The last few years we have faced a few heart aches, such as infertility, which is what paved the pathway to adoption. We wouldn't trade those prior days and hardships for anything because they’ve come to shape our understanding of love, joy, and peace. We have hope because we trust that God has good plans for our family, even if those good plans have hard places.


Family is very important to us and appreciate that both sets of our parents get along well & come together on major holidays, instead of asking us to split time each year. As only children, we have many friends ready & eagerly waiting as stand-in “aunts” and “uncles” for the moment our family grows. There won't be a moment or need that ever lacks love, presence, and support. It is our desire to tell our child the story of what makes them, them: honoring their heritage/cultural origins and the people who've formed them (physically, emotionally, spiritually). We promise to always champion their unique voice and to surround them with family & friends who will support them in all things. 


Whatever your comfort level is regarding openness, we promise to always speak of you with the honor that you deserve, because you already do hold a special place in our hearts. Our tribe of people have already been praying specifically & lovingly for you for many months at our request. We cannot wait to show our child the messages of encouragement and prayers for you that we have collected for them someday. Thank you for considering us, we don't take a moment of it for granted. We cannot promise to always get things right (we are 100% human), but we can promise that we will always seek the best interest of your/our child. 

Grace and peace to you,

Kyle & Alyssa

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