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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Mama,

We want you to know how brave we think you are for exploring the best parenting options for your baby. It takes a very strong and loving person to put the needs of your child first, whatever they may be. We understand what a difficult and complicated decision this may be for you and have been praying that you have peace with your decision.

We started dating in high school and have been married fifteen years. Mike is a kind and humble man. He served in the military for 7 years and now works as a government contractor. Ann is a registered nurse and works two days a week at the hospital in the burn ICU. We have one energetic biological son named Jackson who is 2 ½ years old. Jackson’s grandpa watches him two days a week when Ann is at work and they have a very close relationship. We love hanging out as a family. We love to go hiking, biking, walking, and pretty much do anything outside. Jackson loves going to the park and being read too.  We also love being with our extended family. Ann’s parents and sister’s family all live in the same neighborhood and we get together often for family dinners. Jackson loves playing with his cousin Holly.

We have been talking about adopting since we were dating. God has always placed it on our hearts to share our loving home with another child. Ann has several adopted family members who are such a blessing to our family and have seen what a blessing adoption can be.

We personally do not struggle with infertility,  however Ann’s pregnancy was very difficult. She also had some medical complications which would make another pregnancy difficult. We believe that adoption is the best way to expand our family, because we have seen what a blessing it can be.

Our friends and family are so excited to welcome and cherish a new baby that we adopt. Our family and friends have been praying for all the mommas that view our profile book since we have shared our decision to adopt with them.

We want you to know we will provide a loving, stable, nurturing home to the baby we adopt. We will love our adopted child as if they are our own while honoring his or her birthparents. We would love to have an open adoption if possible but we will also respect your privacy if wanted.

Thank you for your time,

Ann & Mike 

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