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Domestic Adoption

We cannot even begin to understand what you’re facing right now as you explore the possibilities for your baby and yourself. You are very brave, and we admire that so much! We’ve both lived in the Carolinas almost all of our lives and have been married since 2019. We are best friends and love our life together! We both have large and loving extended families and adore our times together with them. Jenny has three siblings and Arran has five; and together we have 18 nieces and nephews. We love being their Auntie and Uncle—throwing the football, playing games, baking, and having dance parties.

We were single for many years and got married when we were 39 and 42 years old. We thought that we’d be able to conceive, but after almost two years of trying to get pregnant and undergoing many tests, we were told by the doctors that we only had a 1% chance of conception. Even before our diagnosis, we were open to adoption as a way to grow our family. When we were told the news about not conceiving, we gladly began the journey to adopt. We adore our families and are excited to build our own family through adoption.

We love our church and host a weekly Bible study at our house. Our church friends are like family to us. We also love being active, playing games, watching movies, traveling, and are big sports fans—especially football and tennis. We often talk about the adventures that we have had together, and we dream about the adventures we will have in the future with children.

We would like to have an open adoption, to send you photos and letters, and to meet you for visits, if you would like that. You are important to us, and we’d love to have an on-going relationship with you and your family, but we respect your privacy and would be happy with what makes you comfortable. We have been and will continue to pray for you and your baby. And we wish you all the best, whatever you decide.

Arran and Jenny

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