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Domestic Adoption

Thank you for taking the time to read our adoption post!

We are Jose and Katy , and our dog Marley. We live in Southern California and have been married for 5 years ( we met online of all places!)

Katy is a preschool teacher ( and has taught for 20 years). She loves seeing a children learn and discover their world.  Jose works for a financial company and is able to work from home . He is an excellent supervisor and has an amazing team. We love to hike, go to the dog park, visit museums, paddle board and camp.

Jose grew up in the Dominican Republic, moved to the U.S. and became a citizen when he was 25. He is close to his family who lives in this area, and loves his aunt's Dominican cooking!

Katy was born in Washington, but moved to the Philippines with her family, at age 6. Her Dad started a school there, where Katy and her 4 brothers, grew up learning the language and appreciating the open and friendly culture.

We both talked about our desire to have children , and possibly adopting, early in our relationship. When we were married and diagnosed with infertility, we already knew the next step was to look into creating a family through adoption.

As you read a little about us, we hope you can see how much we would love this precious life. We pray you feel peace with whatever decision you make, you are putting this baby's future first and that is so brave.

Thank you for considering us as parents for your child,

Jose and Katy


 Apreciada Madre, 

Gracias por leer nuestro libro. Le pedimos a Dios por un embarazo y un nacimiento sin complicaciones para usted y el o la bebe, al cual sabemos que ama. Esperamos que se sienta en paz, no importar la desicion que tome. 

A medida que lea nuestra historia, esperamos que se magine cuanto amamos sea preciada vida que lleva dentro, el tiempo que llevamos esparando para ser padres y la alegria que nos da la eperanza de agregar otro miembro a nuestra familia. Sepa que este bebe sera nuestro tesoro y estamos dispuestos a darle la major vida que podamos. 

Katy se quedara en casa cuidando de el o la bebe a tiempo completo y Jose los primeros seis meses. Nuestros familiares tambien estan dispuestos a ayudar, si fuera necesario. 

Prometemos hablarle a el o la bebe sobre usted y de lo mucho que lo o la ama, ya que usted siempre sera una parte importante de su historia. Gracias por confiar en nosotros como posibles padres para su bebe. 

Con amor, 

Jose y Katy. 

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