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Domestic Adoption


It is with the utmost respect and gratitude that we write this letter to you.  Adoption is a myriad of feelings and emotions, and we cannot even begin to imagine how you feel.  What we can share with you is that we too are excited, anxious, hopeful, and extremely grateful for you. 

We attended the same grade school, college, and law school, all in various parts of New York.  We met at some point in high school, but neither of us can recall the exact moment.  Our friendship really began to blossom when we both attended Ithaca College.  After several years of friendship, working together, and attending the same classes (we were both history majors), we began dating James’ senior year of college.  James proposed after EIGHTY-EIGHT months of dating.  

After we got married, we spent several years living and working in Manhattan, and then our first son – Liam, was born.  As soon as Liam was born, we knew that we wanted to leave New York and raise our family in Charlotte, North Carolina (we had both visited Charlotte several times throughout the years).  Liam is a sweet, creative, brilliant kid, who loves with his whole heart and finds the absolute best in everyone. 

Four and a half years later, our second son – Niles was born.  The pregnancy with Niles was “complicated.”  We knew at one of our first ultrasounds that the pregnancy with Niles would be our last, as a radical hysterectomy would be required at the time of delivery.  Born at 34 weeks, Niles spent four weeks in the NICU, received incredible care, and came home Easter Sunday 2017.  Niles is a funny, kind, and generous kid who gives the best hugs, and begins and ends his day by hugging and kissing his fur-sisters.

We are both attorneys, James works in corporate finance, while Christin is currently a “retired” litigation attorney, who is now a stay-at-home mother.  In our free time we play with our six dogs (combined weight is a grand total of 48 pounds), “park hop” around Charlotte (south charlotte has the most amazing parks for children), swim in our pool, and entertain our friends, family, colleagues and neighbors.  We all like to create things: whether its crafting or cooking with Christin, wood working with James, drawing with Hudson, or fort building with Niles.  We all like to use both our hands and imagination to create something out of nothing. 

We are so fortunate to live where we have the most amazing support network.  Our school system and teachers are absolutely amazing, and give all of themselves to the students.  Our boys are testament to that dedication.  We have created the most incredible friendships with colleagues and neighbors – folks that you trust to care for your children, folks that you spend the holidays with, folks that would jump at a moment’s notice if you ever needed anything.  This is so rare these days, and we are quite aware of how lucky we are.  

In our hearts, we always knew that we are a family of five and hold out hope that one day, that dream will come true.  We welcome the opportunity to meet you, and are amenable to your preference in communication.  We understand that this is a difficult and confusing time, but want you to know that we care and are grateful for whatever decision is best for you.


James and Christin



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