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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Parent,

We are Justin and Sarah from Oklahoma. We like to think of ourselves as loving, intelligent, responsible and funny people and, unless our friends and family have been lying to us, we are not far off the mark.

We would like to introduce ourselves; we are Justin & Sarah, Abigail & Kenslie, and we're so excited at the thought of meeting you!  We are in awe of your brave decision to choose life for your baby and can't imagine how difficult it must be to pick a family for your child.  We hope through our profile book you will see the growing desire we have in our hearts to expand our family and have a sibling for Abigail and Kenslie.   We recognize that the decision to make an adoption plan is a difficult one and we believe that you are so brave to go through this process. We can't fully imagine what it is like for you and we respect what you are doing for your child. We are praying that you find the best family, whether it is with us or with another family. We are so appreciative of all that you are doing!

More than anything we want you to know that we would love your child unconditionally and devote our lives to providing him or her with all the love, joy and security we can offer. We want to make sure your child knows where they come from and how important that is in all our lives. This child will be loved beyond any words by us, our family and friends but he or she will always know the great love that you have for them as well.

Thank you for taking a peek into our lives. We are praying for all of the birth parents out there who are making this courageous choice. Thank you again for considering us.

Here is a link to our profile book! Justin and Sarah

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions.  If you would like more information about us or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight at 1-866-832-3678.




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