Family worth waiting for

At 22 years old I had my last baby. ! Because I was told another beautiful child would end up killing me during child birth ! I have three beautiful children and a 200 acer farm ! We are looking to add another little guy to our Christian family ! Our son who is five has been wanting a brother. And me and my husband want to give another child the love and care they deserve.

Here We Grow - 4x the Love for 1 Little Sister

Even while dating we both agreed that we wanted a big family! Over our 23 years of marriage God has blessed us with 4 amazing sons and we are now ready to welcome a darling daughter! In March of 2023 on a mission trip with our church we served at Orphanage Emmanuel in Guaimaca, Honduras and God began to stir in our hearts. We are thrilled that He has called us to add a delightful girl to our fun family! Will you pray with us and consider supporting us as we walk in obedience to Him? "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

Our Nature Family

We are a happy family of three with many pets. There is me, Katie (mom), Daniel (dad) and Isaac (child), who is 6 years old. We are homebodies but have a great time outside at home or at the park.

Learning is very important to all of us. I am constantly teaching anyone who will listen about animals and nature. And Daniel talks often about math and computers. We all love languages and try to speak in Mandarin and Spanish sometimes. I feel like I have much more to give and teach as a parent and would very much like to raise another child.

Isaac is an active but kind 6 year old. He likes to look for worms and bugs outside with me and chase our dog outside. Sometimes he helps me take care of the cats that we foster. He likes when I read him books and tell him stories. One of his favorite things on the playground is swings. He is very active and especially likes run around, wrestle, do gymnastics and play made-up games.

Daniel does homework with Isaac and watches TV with him. Sometimes they take our bearded dragon outside in the sun. Daniel teaches computer coding to highschoolers and he writes novels on the side. He loves talking about numbers and made up worlds.

I have an environmental landscaping business and try to improve the environment around town with native plants. I grow many plants to sell , from seed to adult and have fun tending to them. I also love to read and do crafts.

We are excited to begin this adoption journey and look forward to meeting everyone along the way!

The Johnson Family

We are Jeff and Sara Johnson. We have four wonderful children, two sons and two daughters, ranging in age from 6 to 12. We believe that children are a blessing from the Lord, and we would be honored to welcome more children into our home through adoption. We love Jesus and want others to know His great love. Jeff is in the Air Force, and I homeschool our children. We live on a small farm where we raise chickens, milk goats, and garden. Our children love to play their violins and participate in their scouting troops.

Prayerfully Waiting for yo Adopt

Hi!!! We are the Anderson Family Brad(30) Michaela(29) Hannah(5) and we are prayerfully waiting to welcome a child into our family with unconditional love and open arms.
Brad and Michaela met in 2014 and knew instantly that it was love at first site. They have been married a total of 8 1/2 years and have a beautiful little girl. Brad is a Pastor at a small country Baptist Church in Oktaha Oklahoma and Michaela is a Medical Assistant for a outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center. They enjoy spending time with each other and with Hannah you can usually find them outside gardening, playing ball or anything to enjoy each others company. Brad and Michaela knew early on in their relationship they were called to adopt, as Christ has adopted them. They were blessed to have Hannah after being told they couldn't have children. Brad and Michaela have a very strong support system with parents and grandparents on both sides eagerly waiting another child to love and spoil. Brad and Michaela are certified foster parents in the state of Oklahoma and look forward to growing their family in whichever way the Lord sees fit.