The Opitz Adventures

Sometimes, God whispers. Then there are times that God takes a mallet (or Bible Study Book) and straight up knocks you in the head. It was at Tuesday morning Bible Study that God poured lighter fluid on a tiny flame that was burning in my heart to adopt.
Shortly after Bible Study was over, I called Cody and told him the fire was back. God was telling me that our next baby should be adopted. In a way that only Cody can answer when I come up with an out of this world idea (typically these are just pets or paint colors) he told me to start looking again. Twenty Minutes. That's how long it took for me to fall in love with Collins. I am sure Cody did not expect his phone to begin blowing up with pictures of a little boy that was half a world away and suffered from Hydrocephalus. Rightfully so, Cody was a little nervous. How are we going to care for a little boy that needs brain surgery?!?!
My response was "It's not going to be easy, but we have the most amazing friends and family any two people could ask for, so we can do it."
Then, Cody told me I could call. Our Home Study is done, we have our biometrics appointment set up, and now we are waiting for the call to tell us we can meet our boy!!!
On top of adoption fees, we will have to travel to Ghana twice. Once to meet our boy, and then again after all of the court hearings are over and he is ours!!! As soon as we get home we will have an appointment with a neurologist to address his Hydrocephalus.

If you can help fund our adoption we will forever be grateful! But if you can't we will also forever be grateful for your prayers!! WE love you all!


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