Our Family Journey

We are a family of four - a dad, mom, and two wonderful boys. We also have a little one waiting to meet us on the other side of heaven. Our adoption journey began for me, Danielle, in my heart, when I was a teenager. I had a love for orphans and those children who were left without the love of a mother and father. When I got married, I wanted to make sure the man I married had a heart for adoption, whether we had our own kids or not. He did! A year after we were married, God blessed us with our first son, and then fifteen months later another son! My pregnancies were both difficult, and we almost lost our second son at eighteen weeks. Then, for eight years I could not seem to get pregnant again. We despaeratly wanted more children, but it was not in God's plan. One day, I had severe pains that brought me to the E.R., and I found out I was pregnant. The next day, I had emergency surgery and we lost the baby. We were devastated. However, through it all, we held strong to our faith, and believed that God had a plan for our lives. If that meant just the two boys, then we would continue to raise them with the same love and affection as always. As I healed both physically and emotionally, the desire to adopt became stronger. Both Kevin and I are pursuing adopting now, and we look forward to loving and raising whatever child God gives us. Please help us provide a home for a child or children that wouldn't otherwise have one. We do not want money to be an obstacle in them finding their forever family. We need your prayers and help! God bless, the Williams.


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