Hutton Family Adoption

A little about us. We have been married for six years and have no children. We have a stable and loving relationship. James and I had initially tried having biological children. But, after years of praying about it and getting no success, we realized that it might be God’s will that we do not have biological children. We than wanted to consider adoption. We know Christians who were adopted and we know families that have adopted. We also have relatives on both sides of our family, that have adopted children. Our knowledge about current adoption has mainly come from reading and training materials. We also see adoption as a wonderful plan from God, to take care of children in need. Children raised in Christian households, get taught about God and get the benefit of having a stable, loving family.

James and I are excited about adopting a toddler from China. We look forward to enjoying this new experience called parenting. Also, the opportunity to help a child enjoy life with a family is a wonderful thing.

So far, we have our home study completed. We will have our dossier completed and sent off to China soon after we receive our USCIS approval.

Thank you for your consideration, and for any donations. It is really appreciated!

Lisabeth and James Hutton


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