Hope Lives

My husband and I have been through a long journey of painful miscarriages and a loss of a healthy baby newborn. I always worked with children and youth in churches and was just around a lot of them and always loved it. I tried to adopt when I was younger after having one child but they turned us down because we didn't make enough money, they said. How heartbreaking! All I did was think of all the children who didn't have a family to call their own, a mommy to tuck them in at night and tell stories to, or a daddy to play ball with.
My husband has been a Math teacher
for years and a wrestling coach. I have watched my husband act like a father figure with compassion and mentoring to many youth for years. It is sad to see such an honorable man not be able to raise his own children. I mentioned adoption a couple of years ago and he said he could easily see himself doing that. So here we are starting a hopeful, brighter chapter and new journey together. We feel like our children will be selected by God that belong in our family and he will bring all parts of his plan together. We don't know how it will all work out( finances, support, etc), but we trust it will. Yes, "hope lives."


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