If God is talking, please help me listen.

Several months ago, my husband and I decided to look into adopting a child internationally. The very first place I called to even begin the search shot me down and broke my heart, right out of the gate I wanted to quit.

A couple of months passed, I was sitting in Bible Study with a group of young moms, and one of the questions was "Have you ever felt like you were called by God to do something and one person told you "no" so you gave up completely?" Uh oh! God was talking, and it was LOUD and CLEAR. I knew at that moment He wasn't done with the small flame he had put in my heart, because that question alone turned it into a full blown, five-alarm, bon fire in my heart. I called Cody immediately after Bible Study, and told him we couldn't be done, that we had to try just one more time. His heart was still hurt from the first "no" and he was pretty hesitant. But since he typically just rolls with the punches of my over-the-top ideas he said "sure honey, look into it, and we will talk more." The fire kept burning in my chest. I was a momma on a mission!!

That very day, I sat down at the computer, I began searching Christian Adoption Agencies and came to Night Light. They seemed to be pretty on track with where we wanted to go. Then it happened. I found the "Waiting Children" section, and my goodness, it was all downhill from there! I came across a picture of Collins, his little Bio said that he suffered from Hydrocephalus. That burn in my heart that I talked about earlier, yeah you guessed it OUT OF CONTROL! Call in aerial support because this flame was getting bigger and bigger and there was only one way to put it out!

I immediately, called Cody (he was still a little worried, but he knew it was best just to humor me). I told him about Collins, and that I had known kids with Hydrocephalus, and that IF he would have been born here in the United States he would have already had shunt placed, and would be living like a normal little boy. Again, he said "see what we can do."

So I messaged Carrie with Night Light, and from there folks, the ball started rolling, we were accepted into the Ghana program, we are just waiting on the finishing touches of our home study, and then well of course, there is that whole coming up with money thing! If you feel you can donate to help us save this boy we would forever be grateful! Thank you for taking the time to read about us! If you can, share it, but most of all please, please pray that everything works out so that we are able to get this sweet baby boy some help!


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