The Bryan family is growing...

It has been a journey... A few years ago, we have felt that God wanted us to expand our family. However, we both felt that He wanted us to look beyond and consider helping a child in need. Following a period of prayer and seeking guidance from others who had experienced the joy and struggle of adoption, we both agreed that we wanted to pursue expanding our family. After talking with our agency, we realized that there is a need for adoptive families for children in China and both felt that that's where the Lord is leading us. We wanted to be obedient to His calling, to help a child in need and do our best to model God's love for His people. He calls us to love and help the orphans (James 1:27), and as Chris always said, "We have more love to give!"

So here we are today. We have officially started the process of adoption. We told our kids about it, and they were both ECSTATIC about being a big-big brother and a big sister. If you see them, that will probably be the first thing they will tell you about it.

Our family is excited. We realize that it will be a long and a complicated process but it is so worth it. We would covet your prayers for us in this phase and for the child that the Lord has for us in China.


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