Bringing Gracie Home

Hello we are the Popes! Me (Jeremy) and my wife Ashley have been married for almost 15 years and we currently have two biological children, Chloe age 9, and Gabe age 6. We love our family but we have always felt a pull towards being able to adopt and give a child the hope of a family and a home full of love. This last fall we decided to check out an adoption seminar and what was always a possibility became a reality as we decided this was the time for us to make this happen. The agency contacted us in January with a file to glance over and after looking at the file for just a few minutes me and my wife both knew this was our little girl! So here we are beginning this incredible and at times overwhelming journey towards growing our family and bringing our new little girl home! Between pastoring a church and having some great family support we have already a lot of prayers going out our way. We would truly appreciate any and all support we can get whether that is prayers or finances!!! Help us bring Gracie Home!!!!!


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