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When I was ten years old I went on mission trip and got to work in orphange doe a day. While I may have only been 10 years old I knew one day I was going to adopt. Fast forward when I was 20 I met my now husband and told him my desire to one day to adopt. He was open to the idea and with time he was also excited to adopt. For almost ten years now I have been praying when the right time was for our family to adopt. I never felt God was saying yes to going forward with adopting. This past year I felt it stronger and stronger that now was the time God was saying YES. so my husband and I began praying tpgether to show us what to do.  Honestlty, I started to really look at different agencys. I started to worry that this was just my desire and not Gods plan for us. So, I stopped what i was doing and said " God if this is your desire then please let someone give us $200 for this adopation" about 3 days later my husband got a notfication that someone sent us $ 200 for adopting!!! I almost could not belaive it. But of course when God says YES he really says yes. I know God will provied every cent we need for this adopation. We are very excited for this journey. Most of all our family needs your prayer. 

Our biggest prayer for this adopation is our son Judah and baby will have a speical bond. that they will truly be best friends. 

We pray for the birthmother that she will find Jesus through this. 

We pray that God will give us wisdom throughout this prcoess and guide us as adopative parents. 

We pray that God will be shown all throughout this process. That every step will be because of Him and nothing we did. 

We pray for the chld God has planned they will know Gods love and that they will grow to follow Jesus. 

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