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Losing a loved one is very heartbreaking and a tough life changing event.  This is our experience since May 2022 when our only brother unexpectedly passed from a heart attack, leaving behind a beautiful daughter and a handsome son.  He was a loving father who attended all parent teachers’ meetings, sat at the dinner table and did homework with the children, went to the bus stop and put them on the school bus or rode to school in a taxi with them to ensure they get to school safely then head to his job.  He even received a Father of the Year award from the school principal. Imagine the heartache, fear of the unknown, anxiety, and sorrow the children felt, having lost their hero. He combed his daughter's hair, washed their clothes with his bare hands, cooked, hemmed school uniforms etc..... there was nothing he would not do for them.  

Therefore, it is mine and Durant's earnest desire to provide a new home for the children through the process of adoption.  Even through our grief, we are enthusiastic, yet humbled to bring our niece and nephew home to a warm, loving, welcoming, and thriving environment that will contribute to their healing and success in their continued journey of life.  We are currently working very hard with both our day jobs and intentionally adding side hustles as much as possible to help with the unexpected costs and fees associated with this adoption process. Plus, we are on a very short time crunch due to the age of our niece, she will be crossing over into legal adulthood next April.  Nonetheless, at 18, she is still very much in need of guidance, nurturing, and support.  Can you please help us to support this endeavor? We greatly appreciate any amount possible. We have a Jamaican proverb "Every Mickle Mek a Muckle" meaning, "Small things when combined one by one can have a big effect."  If you are not able to donate financially, we simply ask that you pray for us.  A big thank you in advance for your generosity through prayer, love, words of wisdom, and giving. We appreciate you!  With love, D & S!

Other options: Cash App: $Juwyl & Venmo: @Sandra-Walker-200

Alice Llanos

Patrina Capleton

Ebony Pittman

I love you to life and I speak favor and blessings that run over to you and your family 🌻

Mary Jean Thornton

Charlton Daley

Much blessings to you and your new family!

Dennis P

Robyn Vandewalle

Let's get the kids home!

Eileen Da Cunha