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We are the Yu family. We have 2 precious children and we are planning and praying to expand our family through adoption from Romania. We have always wanted to pursue adoption since being married. But since having 2 biological children and experiencing the joy of parenting them, we are all the more motivated to act on our desire to provide a child with a forever family.

International adoption rates for Romania are low due, in large part, to the requirement that at least one of the parents have a Romanian citizenship. Since Ioana meets this qualification, we decided to try to pursue this option and see where the Lord leads. 

In addition to the agency and legal costs, a large portion of the costs will be for the travel and stay in country. From what we know 3 trips are required. The first trip will be for a minimum of 30 days for bonding and the subsequent 2 trips will be for paperwork and other legal requirements. 

Progress update (January 2024):

We finished our home study in 2023. In 2023 we also updated Ioana's Romanian documents to reflect her married name. We also got a Romanian marriage certificate...I suppose we got married again at the embassy when I wasn't paying attention. With all of this sorted out we received Ioana's updated Romanian passport with her married name. The adoption agency is now preparing the dossier. Meanwhile we will have to finalize and notorize some paperwork as well as seek out and apply for adoption grants. After the dossier is sent it will need to be approved by Romania and from there I guess is where any sort of referals can begin. Although we have a long road ahead before jumping on a plane, every milestone incurs costs and we will certainly be very grateful for any assistance. 

Jessica Yu

We look forward to seeing where the Lord leads and are praying for a Romanian cousin for Coco! Love, Jessie GuGu and Uncle Brian!

Selina Holbrook

Xin Zhang

Kevin and Ioana, Xin and I are so excited for you guys. Thank God for giving you guys the hearts for orphans. We look forward to seeing the miraculous experience that you guys are going to walk through with God.