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We always thought that when we were ready to grow our family it would happen just like that. However, infertility affects around 1 in 5 couples and we found ourselves in that 20%. Although this chapter has been anything but easy, it has led us to the beautiful and hopeful path of adoption. We have been incredibly fortunate to have been matched with a birth mother who has a little on on the way!

Part of domestic adoption is the cost. Unfortunately, the cost associated with this process is higher than ever which is why we are choosing to use adoption bridge to help offset some of the costs.

Thank you for being a part of our lives and for sharing in our joy. We can use all of your prayers - for us, the birth mother, and the precious baby. Here's to new beginnings and the amazing journey ahead!

  1. As of Christmas, we have been chosen by a birth mother who is currently pregnant! We are incredibly honored and humbled that she chose us and are so excited for the future!

Andrew Johnston

Already know they'll have the best parents ever!

Victoria Cohagan

Tiff Kohl

Ashley Dickert

Praying for y’all during this journey!!!!

Roy Franklin

From our family blessed by adoption to yours, this is truly a leap of faith. Best wishes, The Franklins.

Zach Williams

El Bebe!

Madi Rupert

Julie Murray

Anna & Kyle Walker

So, so excited for you both! Our hearts are with you on this journey.

Jess Jaenicke

Thinking of you on this journey <3

Brenda Kemp

Prayers for wisdom and peace on this journey

Gene Jennings

Love you both and so excited for you!!

Carson Troyer

Sumaira Shakir

Olivia Hall