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Michelle has loved India since she was a child. When she was young she would tell people that when she grew up she wanted to adopt all the children in India. When Michelle and I were in college, I grew to love the Indian culture as well. We considered the idea of adoption, but when we had our first and second biological children, the idea of adoption faded from our thoughts.

When Michelle was pregnant with our third child, in God's providence she had the idea to look up adoption from India online (baby fever?). She found out from this brief research that in order for a child to be available for international adoption from India, they must have a medical need. That sounded hard, maybe too hard for us. But then our third child, Samuel, was born, and our world changed when we found on the day of his birth that he has Down syndrome. Through the trials and joys of parenting a child with special needs we have found that God has met us unexpectedly though Samuel time and again. And so, in God's kind providence, Samuel opened our hearts to the idea of adopting a child with a medical need.

We began partnered with Lifeline Children's Services and started the adoption process in April 2019. After completing the home study, various governmental applications, and a significant amount of education, we are now waiting for a referral (match) from the Indian government.

We have been blessed to be able to self-fund this adoption. However, if any of our family and friends would like to partner financially with us on this journey, we would joyfully receive your support. But more importantly, we would ask for you to begin now praying for the boy that will soon be joining our family. Pray for him to be kept safe and to be able to come home with us soon.

Evamarie Spataro

Love is never diminished by being shared ♥️