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We are Luke and Jerusha! Thanks for taking a moment to read our story!

We met at Oregon State University and talked about adoption even before we were married. It was how we envisioned growing a family. But we both felt called to work overseas and were unsure how well a family would fit into the picture; we didn't want to sacrifice one for the other. Adoption remained our first choice as the years went by, even as we welcomed our biological daughter, and as the doors to international work continued to close. As the years went by, we learned that instead of packing up our home for ministry we were supposed to be opening our home. International adoption was on our hearts first, but in our researching we gained insight into foster care, the adoption of older children and siblings, domestic adoption... so many places in which obedient, Spirit-led followers can serve the Lord. Right now, with a young toddler already, we are hoping to grow our family through domestic infant adoption. We are also purposefully choosing an open adoption and hope to build up, love, and encourage the biological parent(s) of the child too.

Adoption is beautiful and adoption is messy. There is no way around it. Please consider consistently praying and/or supporting us financially as we choose the messy places to love and live.

Drew Chrisman

We are very happy to see your profile and your heart for adoption. We pray you continue to feel led by God through it all and are met with encouragement at every step.

Logan Amirian

Robin Mayfield

Glad we are able to help out!

Shawn McCorkle

We are really excited for y'all in this and thankful for your heart for adoption!


Steve Hawkins

Allison Baker

Brittany Christian

We are praying for you in this process!

Scott Bauman

Steve Hawkins