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Welcome to Our Story!

We are the Websters, Evan Webster and Miranda Webster. From the earliest months of our marriage, we desired to have children. We love children and have dreamed about having a child(ren) of our own. Without getting pregnant month-after-month, we sought medical counsel. Around our third year of marriage, we began investigating our infertility. We went to a local fertility clinic and discovered that we were both reproductively healthy. All the stats looked normal and the tests came back positive. The doctors were unsure why we were not getting pregnant. With no medical answers and an unsuccessful IUI, we began to pursue adoption.

Adoption has been something that we wanted to do, and with infertility, it became more real. Over the years, we’ve learned more and more about embryo adoption. Because we believe that life begins at conception, we felt that the Lord was leading us to consider this avenue of having a child. This is a way that we can provide an opportunity for life!

Although the delay has been difficult to bear, we continue to trust that God’s timing is perfect and right. As we were researching embryo adoption, we learned about the Snowflakes Program with NightLight. We liked that it was a Christian organization, offered matching for both couples, and had many success stories. So here we are!

We hope to expand our family through embryo adoption. Believing that God is sovereign over every aspect of our lives, we continue to trust in him as we pursue adoption. Children are a blessing from the Lord (Psalm 127:3). As a gift, we do not expect or feel that God owes us, children. However, we do pray that He would give us this gift. We would be thrilled to parent the number of children God gives us. If we were to parent twins or triplets, we would be delighted! Of course, one child would be an incredible blessing too! Either way, we believe the number of children given is determined by God. We want to be faithful to what He gives.

We were directed to Adoption Bridge as a way of helping to fundraise the costs for adoption. Of course, we know that just as God is able to open or close wombs, he's also more than capable of providing the resources and costs for adoption. The costs are steep and the transitions that we have recently gone through have made us trust in him for these current needs. We realize that you may be interested in walking this road with us and even willing to help us along the way. So we would be delighted if you would pray on our behalf, give if you feel led, and help equip us to be faithful parents. 

Thank you! 

Sarah Wargo

Praying for you guys!

Rebecca Tunstall

Praying for you on this journey! May God bless your desire to give a home to the “least of these” ❤️

Lori Speare

Praying for you guys, this is wonderful news and we look forward to seeing your family grow!! Love you guys xoxo

Jill Abrams

I’m so excited for you both and I can’t wait to see how God will bring these dreams to reality!!!!

julie hadden

Delighted for you both, sending love💚

Jessica Farris

Praying for big things at the Webster home!

Laura Munn

Good luck!

Levi & Amanda denBok

We really love you guys, and can’t wait to love your children the way that you have loved ours. Praying for you!

Jaimie MacLeod

My heart is so happy that you are pursuing adoption this way...an incredible testimony! Many blessings from the MacLeod's

Amy Campbell

Love you both! Amazing adventure!


James Neumeyer

Julie Nelson

Love you guys! So excited for this journey!

Brenda/Don Fairbanks

Best deserving people I know. Congratulations!

Kathryn and Robert Reid

Miranda and Evan. We are beyond excited for you. Having adopted three of our five children, we know exactly how much a blessing adoption this. Such a gift. Love you guys and will be praying.

Lynn Thomas

Praying with you. You will be incredible, fun and loving parents! ❤

Dean Clark

Heather Scott

Love you guys and so excited for you! ❤️

DavidandLynn Weatherford

So excited for y’all! May God bless!

Taylor and Ashley Merritt

Praying for an addition to the Church Family 🤗 and your family of course 🙊❤️

Jordan / Alycia Leamen

Praying for you guys! 🤗👶

Kathryn Cornelisse

We will continue to pray for a family for you. Jer 29:11. We love you and miss you.

Patrick Abrams

Elaine Woodul

You two will be the best parents! Our donation comes with prayers for an uncomplicated and successful transition to parenthood - and so much love for you both! Kenny and Elaine Woodul

Isaac Vineyard

Praying for this child, that they may know not only your love, but God's.

Matthew Cotton

Hey Webster’s ❤️ We love you guys so much and are very happy for you guys in this journey! Praying for you both all the time that God blesses you and uses you for His glory xo

Barry and Julie Cleaveley

We are so happy for you guys!! ❤️

April Bailey

YAY!!!!! I’m super excited your y’all!!!!!!!!! Love you both!

Phillip Webster

Love y’all, excited

Phillip Webster

Ilene Hightower

May the Lord continue to open the necessary doors to bless you both with your long-awaited baby to complete your family. Love and prayers! ♥️🙏♥️

Caro-Claire and Martin Wiles

Congratulations Evan and Miranda as you look ahead to preparing for parenthood. May God answer all your prayers. Ours are with you too.

sue Haynes

I am so excited for y’all!!

Sarah Ward

We are so excited about this journey for you! We love you!

Julius Daniel & Rita Webster

We are beyond joy & excitement for both of you! Our love & prayers will always be there with you as this journey begins!

Christopher Bumbarger

We love you guys. You deserve every ounce of happiness your family will bring.

Leah Honnen

We are praying with you. Congratulations on your soon-to-be em-babies!

Kara Beaton

We love you guys so much. We can't wait to meet this little person, you guys will be great parents! 💕 We're praying for you.