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Honestly, we never thought we’d be pursuing adoption when we exchanged vows almost 7 years ago. Like most newlyweds, we thought children would come right on schedule…

Infertility Struggles

Then infertility hit us… We had an early miscarriage our first month trying and could not conceive month after month. After realizing something was not quite right, we tried various fertility treatments with several different doctors at a high cost to our bank account and emotions. Each time the pregnancy test was negative. Doctors could not identify the reason why. After attempting all the fertility treatments that we felt peace about, we elected to pursue embryo adoption/donor embryo. This refers to receiving donated embryos (frozen 5-day old fetuses) remaining from another couple’s IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) treatment. It seemed like an amazing answer to prayer: God providing us with three frozen embryos from another couple that almost precisely resembled us ethnically and physically (i.e. the child might even look like us!).  However, God had different plans than we had hoped and as none our adopted embryos took hold in her uterus, and rather went to be home with their Creator, rather than go home with us.

Infant Adoption Journey Begins!

 The last of the three embryos was unsuccessfully transferred to Arlene just one week before we moved to Oregon from Pennsylvania. It was a most difficult time for us with the transition to a new city, new jobs, and a new church, while we were far away from our friends and families. We felt quite alone in our grief and pain at that time. Fortunately, our new church connected us with a Christian counselor who helped us properly grieve our loss and discern what steps we should take next. Traditional infant adoption became increasingly attractive option for us as we did research and reading on the subject. During our study, it was eye-opening to see more clearly how infant adoption reflects the way God took the initiative in choosing to set his love on us in adopting us His own children. Redeeming us from our slavery to sin, He has made us sons and daughters, and the objects of His affection (Romans 8:15). In a similar (though very imperfect) way, we hope to reflect this adopting, initiative-taking love to the child that He give us.

How you can help?

First, we covet your prayers because we need much wisdom, strength, and patience as we start this most-challenging process with a roller-coaster of emotions awaiting us. Rarely all goes accordingly to plan in a typical adoption and stress-filled surprises are almost certainly awaiting us!

Secondly, the type of adoption agency we chose utilizes social media to help connect us with expectant birth moms. In the coming year, we will likely need your help to share our future Facebook adoption page with your network to help us find our baby.

Lastly, although we hope to save and pay for the majority of our adoption costs ourselves, we do need some financial assistance to make our adoption dream come true. After paying many thousands of dollars in fertility treatment the past couple years, our savings is not sufficient to cover all the costs of adoption. Consequently, this page was setup to faciliate tax-deductible donations.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Grateful for you,

Adam & Arlene

Brian Donohoe

We are so excited to be part of this, and we know that you both will raise this child to be a devoted follower of Jesus! Thank you for your hearts!

Richard and Trudy Capoccioni

We are thrilled to be able to be a part of this. Now I am excited to hear about the baby God has planned for you, I can't imagine how much you must be anticipating this child. As you wait, watch for God Hand. His Plan and timing are perfect. You will make wonderful parents, raising this child to know and love the Lord. Our prayers are with you, this baby and guidance and love for the woman who will birth this child.

Martha Weiman

Rejoicing with you that God has brought you this far on your journey to becoming parents. He is a God of preparation, building His love in your hearts for the daughter He has chosen for you. He has known the three of you before He laid the foundation of the world. No good thing will He with hold from those who walk uprightly.

Gregory Travassos

Espy and I are excited for you and what a joy to participate with you two in this journey! We know God will bless you, in and through this. Thank you for letting us join with you all.