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Adoption is something we have both felt called to for a long time, even before we were together. Once we got married, we knew adoption would ultimately be part of our family’s story, but we didn’t know specifically how. After Michelle experienced some health issues, our desire to adopt was affirmed even more.

After nearly a year of conversations, prayer, research, seeking counsel, and more prayer...we are pursuing domestic infant adoption with an agency here in Colorado! There has been so much to happen that has led us here, and we know over time it will just become even more evident how beautifully the Lord orchestrates the story of our lives! We are very excited about this journey and are learning so much! We are very open to talk about it, so if you want to know more details, please reach out! We would love to chat!!!

Many are wondering, how can we help? We would LOVE your prayers! Please pray for us during this waiting period. The average waiting period is a year, but we could be matched with an expectant mother at any point. Please pray for our future child as well as their birth parents.

Another way you can help is by donating. Currently, the average U.S. adoption costs somewhere between $20,000 and $45,000. We are expecting our adoption to be around $30,000 - $40,000.

Most people are confused as to what these costs go toward. These costs cover a variety of things such as pre-natal care for the birth mother (everything from housing, utilities, food, maternity clothes, toiletries, etc.), transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, counseling for the birth parent(s), case administration, birth certificates, medical and hospital expenses for the birth mom, baby’s medical expenses, legal fees, home study fees, and post-placement fees.

We have been working hard to budget, book more photo sessions, earn money by delivering food, and save money any way we can! We are extremely blessed to be able to cover most of our adoption expenses between this and the help of some employer provided adoption assistance. But, we need around $10,000 more than we can provide on our own. With your help, your donation will help match and place us with a child all while assisting the expectant parent(s) with the appropriate care they need and deserve when making an adoption plan.

Will you help answer our prayers and donate today?

Jeff Giddens

This is awesome!