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Life throws you many curveballs and one of those curveballs that was thrown at our family was the
inability to naturally conceive a child. After trying naturally for years and then furthering that attempt to
conceive moved forward with the IVF process, using an egg donor. Sadly, the IVF process also proved to not be a success for our ability to have a child of our own. There were multiple conversations of a second attempt at the IVF
process however there were two main concerns that moved us away from trying this a second time.
The first one which was not a large but still a concern was the financial piece. The IVF process has a
pricey price tag. The price tag for us would have been heftier as only one out of our 6 eggs took and
after the one unsuccessful process, we would have to select another egg donor. The second reason which was by
far a determining factor to not go through the process a 2nd time, was the dislike of the process a female
must go through with the various injections of hormones to get their bodies ready. It is a huge
emotional rollercoaster for them and as a family decided the failure was a sign for us to not do this
After some time of grieving, came the conversation of what we wanted to do next. At this point we
determined that the next best option for us and the ability to start a family was to start the adoption
process. We researched various adoption agencies and had started the process with one though made a
change to Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency. The agency we originally started with did not have a
good feel or fit for us. We found that Nightlight presented itself with more of a family-oriented message
and means of going to the adoption of the process. We have completed all requested/required
documentation and now pray for one of our shared dreams of starting a family to come true.

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