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We have had adoption on our hearts for a little over 10 years and now is the time that we get to pursue this process to complete our family! We are so excited to welcome another son and brother to Autumn-Rayne, Levi and Havalah! There are so many children in the world who need a family, we are thankful for the privilege to be that family to a child. Our children ask us often when their little brother will be coming. We don't know who he is yet but God does; and as we pray for him, we feel like he is already a part of our family. 

We know that adoption and orphan care is important to many others too. We have chosen to use AdoptionBridge to provide an opportunity for others to join us in raising the funds to complete this adoption. 

Betty Abel

So excited about the new addition to your family! Will be waiting to hear about his arrival. Betty and Don A.

Kim & Gayle Nielsen

We love you to pieces and we love your heart for this little boy! Woo Hoo!!!

Paul and Jenna Olson

Joshua Walker