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Hi there, Hattebergs here! So SO thankful you'd even take a few minutes of your time to visit our Adoption Bridge page and learn a bit more about this exciting journey we are on. This August we hit 10 years of marriage (holy cow a DECADE!), and even before we got married we both individually knew adoption would be a part of our stories. We have adoption in both of our families, international and domestic, and as well as a whole lot of diversity, so we grew up seeing the beauty that adoption is. After having Everlee and Cole, as we thought about growing our family, we felt a resounding peace and confidence that this was the next step for our family. Once we learned more about domestic adoption, our hearts also really swelled for the relationship with the birth mother (and hopefully father) and how we might be able to walk along side her in this impossibly difficult and brave time. So here we are! We are now officially Match Ready (i.e. can now be shown actively to birth mothers!) and in maybe the most difficult step of this entire process....THE WAIT. Although, this admittedly is also the most uncomfortable part of the process for us, we do still have approximately $21,000 remianing of the estimated costs in giving this little one a forever home. We so wish words on this screen could convey how deeply grateful we are that you would even consider partnering with us in this adoption - thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

Shay Paulson

We were generously gifted with funds for Holt's adoption, and we are happy to pay it forward. We hope some day you can do the same for another family. Baby Hatteberg is so loved!