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Hi there! 

Thank you for stopping by our page. You may be family, a friend or unknown to us, regardless we are grateful to you for taking a moment to come alongside us on our journey.

We are Dan and Emily W. (DEW for short), we have been married for 11 years and have had many adventures together. Yet, we truly feel that the best is yet to come with our journey into adoption and growing our family. We recognize that our family may grow by more than just one person through this journey and we welcome that. 

It has been an 8-year journey on this roller coaster of trying to conceive and learning about infertility issues. We have experienced grief and loss through miscarriage and numerous unsuccessful attempts at conception. While riding that roller coaster, one day, we were driving along and heard a radio ad about adoption. We both immediately turned to one another and shared a look before we both laughed and said, "we should adopt!" That moment began a conversation that we both had not realized was in our hearts. It took time for our hearts to heal and be prepared for adoption, meanwhile, that moment in the car and the decision we made that day never left us. We both feel called to adoption and excited about the opportunity to become parents. 

If you are on this website and looking at our profile, then you likely have some idea that adoption is expensive. Not only does raising children take a village, so does funding an adoption. We are working with Nightlight Christian Adoptions as our agency, and they have been wonderful. They connect us with Adoption Bridge to help get the word out there for our fundraising goals.

Our anticipated, all-in expense for the adoption process is approximately $30,000. That includes agency and lawyer fees, support to the birthmother, and initial costs for bringing the baby home. We have managed to save some while we were still attempting to conceive through fertility treatments and spending money there. But, we still need your help! If you feel inclined to help support us financially, we thank you from the depth of our hearts. Through this program with Adoption Bridge, your donations will go directly to our agency (Nightlight) on our behalf. AND all donations are tax deductible charitable contributions (97% of donations goes toward adoption costs; 3% goes toward credit card fees, but the full amount is tax deductible). 

We are grateful for each one of you and any kind of support you send our way. We trust that God is good and will help see us through on this journey. Thank you for riding this roller coaster with us. 

Much Love, 

Dan and Emily 

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Matt Elstad

Couldn't be more excited for you guys! I'll get the ball rolling here so we can knock this out of the park for ya!

Sherri Andrews

Praying for Gods blessings for your family 👪!

Betty Atchley

Ryan Elstad

Christine Andrus

Sending love & prayers from the Andrus family!

Tammra Fraser

I’m so excited for you! Love you guys

Brian Larson

Joining you guys on this journey in heart and prayer!

Michelle, Heyward and Walden Gualandi

You're going to be such awesome parents, and fur siblings! So excited to share this adventure of parenting and growing with you :) We're here for you, whatever you need!

Mikayle & Stephen Scheffel

Bonnie Passmore

Love you, hope things are well for you and your growing family!

Amelia Schmidt

Can't wait for the tournament! So excited for you and praying for you as you move forward with this!

Kiley Graim

Elizabeth McCullagh

Love you both!


Sorry I can't be at the hat tourney, but happy to support with $s and prayers. Can't wait to see pics of the new fam! :) All the best from Germany, Kevin & Ioana

Megan Bultema

David Jensen


Blake Vermeer

Tran Pham

Every child deserves a loving family. You guys are the perfect couple for that special baby. Hope all the best to the blossom of your family.

Kit Brown

Alec Mullen

Good luck guys!

David Chan

Greg & Jen Head

So excited for you two. Jen and I are very glad to support you in your journey.

Nick Kemp

Dan and Emily, So excited to be a part of your adoption and your growing family! Blessings! Nick Kemp

Kiera Lindgren

Chris Urbauer

Heyward Gualandi

So happy for y’all! Can’t wait to share the journey of raising a little one with you.

Katie Abrahamson

We are so incredibly proud of you all. Can't wait to adventure with you and your new little! Much love

Daniel Ricci


You are both beautiful people, and I can't wait to see you become parents. I know the journey has been long and full of frustration, but the path has led you here and we're all here to support you. Love you guys, talk soon!

Carol Carson

Chuck Mullen

Starting a family is one of the greatest things you can do.

Brian Crabtree


Can’t make the tournament, but have fun!

Marvin Vuong

Ibby Boese

All my best on your parenting journey! You are courageous and loving souls. I hope the process is shorter than you expect and filled joy :). Much love, Ibby

Elizabeth Cravens

Excited for what's to come for you both!

Carson Stickler

Wish I could participate in the tournament. We love you guys to pieces and hope you the very best in the journey!

Bryce Kukulan

Mario Incitti

Noah Bagley

Ronald Wagner

Looking forward to Saturday!

Cody Spicer

I love you two!! <3

Nicholas Snuszka

I love you two!

Ben Wagner

Jessica Larson

Sten and I are bummed we won't see you at the tourney, but wish the best for you along this exciting journey!

Nicole Bauer


Kaydence Doremus

From the Doormice, wishing your family all the best!!

Ryan Brunk

Praying for you guys and this!

Ronil and Simone Pala

Praying for you guys! Lots of our practice members helped make this happen <3