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Since we were married, we have always had a special place in our heart for adopting. We became pregnant with our first child right away and were able to bring our oldest son into the world. We then struggled to become pregnant a second time. We sought adoption through foster care and became pregnant when we were almost finished with our home study. We stopped the process to bring our youngest son into the world. After he was born, we still desired to adopt. God has continued to nudge our hearts towards adoption. 

In November of 2020, God strongly placed upon us the desire to adopt once more. We were able to complete a homestudy and sought an attorney to help us find our daughter. In August 2021, we were able to meet our little girl for the first time and be matched. God worked out all of the details for us to bring our baby girl home. 

The cost of adoption has been financially burdensome and we are praying that, through Adoption Bridge, we'll be able to pay off the loan we've taken out to cover all of the costs associated with adopting our beautiful little girl!

Shay Dorch

This family has a lot of love to give. I have been blessed to know them and their new daughter is blessed to be loved by them!

Alesia Hill

May God continue to bless your beautiful family!!

Meg Oakley


Luciane Costa

Inga Fanning

Praying God’s continued blessings on these love gifts!! I love y’all so much and am so proud of you all!! ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Linda Gunter

Loved your family since you all were born. Love your beautiful children, CJ, Cross, and your beautiful Oakley. You are blessed

Stephanie O’Brien

Love y’all!!

Brittany Hallman

We could not be more excited for your family!