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Hello everyone! We are Rebecca and Cody (aka Teeny and Tall), and we are very excited to be pursuing the adoption of an older child with special needs from Kyrgyzstan.  We do not have our referral yet, which matches us with a specific child, but there is a certain child we have a particular interest in and are hoping to adopt.

Our agency estimates that our adoption expenses will be about $44,000, which includes agency fees, our home study, background checks, our dossier, translation fees, visas, fingerprinting, three required trips to Kyrgyzstan, and more.  We greatly appreciate any support you can give, whether it be in the form of prayer, encouraging notes, or financial donations. Thank you for your support!  

Charlie and Nancy Schubiger

We are so proud of you and the commitment you have made to bring a child into our family. We will be praying for you every step of the way. We are looking forward to becoming grandparents!

Jennifer Shukusky

You guys are amazing. I look forward to following you and your adventure! Lots of love and Merry Christmas!

Clyde Jasmin

I hope that my contribution, although small, helps you reach the total. CJ

Jason & Dulci Brubaker

Praying for you two as you embark on your next adventure -- and for that sweet little guy.

Samantha Kleinrock

SO excited for you and your growing family. Keeping you in my thoughts!

Marty Racioppi

Best wishes

Susan Getty

Bob's stepmother who passed away almost three years ago, made several trips to Kyrgyzstan with her church as a missionary nurse. She loved the people and the country. We are happy to make a donation in her memory to help you in the process of adoption. Many blessings. Thankful to God for your big hearts. Love, Susan and Bob

Melissa Castrogiovanni

This is truly amazing and I couldn't be more excited for you both. Best of luck!

Lynn Rosenbarker

You two never cease to amaze me. Right from the beginning when you two met you could tell you were an extraordinary couple. God has special plans for you two and He has a special child picked out just for your family. I am honored to help out and can't wait to have one more place setting at our crazy family gatherings. God bless you along your journey. Love to you both.

Renee Ionni

Joel Ngui

Hi Pseudomom and Sortadad! I now know where I got my adventurous spirit from! Wishing you all the best in this next crazy phase of your lives. May God bless you both richly!

Katherine Vander Horn

Love you both! Your child will be so lucky to have you as parents!

Linda Shapiro

I know you and Cody will make great parents. Love aunt Linda

Kyle and Michelle

Congratulations! That is going to be one lucky child. I hope this helps you on your quest! smoogoo.

Andrew Rosenbarker

God bless all that you do

Kathy Shell

God bless you both.

Sadie Hall

Cody and Becca, your beautiful hearts and ever changing journeys never cease to amaze me. We love you both so much and couldn't be more excited for this next chapter in your lives together. I pray for you every day, but I know God always puts you right where he wants you to be !!! Love you guys *The Hall/Rivera's

Emily & Chris Nation

We are praying for you guys and your future child!

Luke Henson

John Chopka

God bless you on this journey!

Sandra Huskey

Looking forward with anticipation to your family addition. Prayers and love from the Huskeys

Michael and Denise Schubiger

May God's blessings guide both of you through this process and may his blessings and guidance continue throughout all of your child's growth.

Ashley Sheaffer

So excited for you and praying for this process and child...

Laura Rosenbarker

Here's a little now, let me know when you do another fund raiser!! :)

ann Ingham

Marybeth Nichols

Wishing you all the luck and happiness in the world as you take this journey.

Lisa Lurz

Rebecca and Cody- What you are doing is amazing. Prayers to both of you ! Lisa Lurz


Matthew and Michelle Fearn

God bless your little one and his new family!

Kerri Van Reeth

So exciting!

Margeaux and Christopher Cronce

We love you two

Kelly Blazian

I am so proud of you two - you'll be in my prayers!