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In order to demonstrate God's redemption of us through adoption, we feel called to earthly adoption. Hopefully you do, too, possibly in a different way. We pray first and foremost that God is glorified through this process and that people learn what adoption truly means. We believe that earthly adoption is an under-emphasized mission field. Not only do we hope to provide a love-filled home and be blessed with a precious child, but we wish to serve and show love to the birth mom who desires a that for her baby.

How do you feel called to this mission field? If you feel called to contribute financially, we would be immensely appreciative. We are working to have the means necessary to complete the last stages of our adoption. If you aren't able to give right now, we understand! Will you still join us in the mission of adoption by praying that God would be glorified through this, and by praying for our birthmom as well as those who seek to minister to her? Would you pray for all the families seeking to provide a loving home for a child and demonstrate Heavenly adoption through earthly adoption? Lastly, if you would share with anyone you know who would be interested in joining with us in this mission, we would love to share our story. 

The greatest thanks,

The Pruden Family

  1. I feel like an update at this point is necessary (since everyone is questioning how it’s going and how we’re feeling)... it’s difficult to describe without details, but the most intense emotions we are experiencing are trust and peace. Trusting that circumstances and timing works to God’s glory. It’s been almost 2 years since we began the adoption process so it seems like we’ve been ready for quite a while. Now that it’s within the week, it seems like it’s flown. You know time is crazy like that.
    From home, we’re ready! The nursery is done and we have bags mostly packed. We’ve lined out schedules for the next few weeks and we feel good about all that! Emotionally, we’re all over the place- ready and excited about having a new baby to love insanely much, nervous about the logistics of the weeks away, and pressured because we want to be what Birthmom and baby need! But, mostly we feel peace in knowing that God has orchestrated this and it will be for His glory!
    Will you continue to pray for Birthmom and baby’s health and safety, that we can be what they need, and that God will be glorified in all of this?!

  2. Bear with me on this post. I have trouble putting these feelings into words well and the last thing that I’m wanting to do is offend someone.
    Ever since we chose domestic adoption and were told that there wasn’t really a “closed adoption” anymore, I was skeptical. Only because I had heard horror stories of the birth parent coming later in life to parent or movies where the child grows up and yells “you’re not my real family!” and goes in search of their “real family.” I prayed a lot about having peace about this in the beginning stages.

    After a while, God started working in my heart toward my future child’s birth mom. I started feeling love toward her even though we hadn’t met and I didn’t even know who she was. See, I felt like there were different feelings and emotions in different types of adoptions. International adoption is, most of the time, adopting an orphan in the true definition. A child who has no potential for a traditional family (I know that the workers and other kids sometimes become their family). This type of adoption is commendable and necessary.

    Another kind is when a couple cannot have biological children. NO, I’m not saying that it is less commendable because the couple wants children. It is a blessing for everyone involved (parents, baby, birth parents)!

    Then there is what we are feeling. We aren’t adopting a child who has been left at an orphanage in a third world country. We obviously can have biological children, so we aren’t adopting solely to expand our family (NOT saying that that is the only reason parents who can’t have biological children adopt)...

    So what is this whole “being matched with an expectant mom and then adopting her child” thing? Exactly what we think our birthmom thought when we met her. She said “so you CAN have your own kids?” “Yes, we can.” She didn’t ask then why we were doing this, but it seemed implied. So here’s where we feel like another kind of adoption comes in. Are we wanting to give a child a loving family and home? Of course. Are we beyond excited about another child in our family? Of course. Are we pumped about loving another child with all that we have? Of course. But really it has developed so much into us wanting to minister and serve our birthmom. We want her to know that what she’s wanting for her child that she doesn’t feel like she can provide is something that we are more than willing- BEYOND grateful- to provide. We are thankful times a million that she has chosen to give her child life even when it might have been “easier” for her to not.
    “Wouldn’t we see more women willing to give their children life if they’d seen with their own eyes what an adoption culture looks like?”
    -Russell Moore

    We pray that through our sacrifice (physically, emotionally, mentally, financially) out of love, she will feel God’s love. We pray that through seeing our love for her and her child, that she will seek out the source of that love and eventually tell others the story of that love. We also pray that being a part of the adopting culture will show women that there are people willing to adopt, and thus choosing to give their children life!

  3. Why domestic? When we started, we pursued international adoption because that’s where our hearts had always been from mission work. However, we weren’t eligible for a lot of countries because we weren’t 30 or other various things. I started feeling called to domestic which was a new thing, and Tyler wasn’t hearing a clear answer, so he trustingly went with my feelings and we went through the entire domestic adoption process. Obviously we feel like this was God leading us to the one who is to be our child.

    -No, we didn’t struggle with domestic because “international orphans need homes more.” And no, we didn’t “just want a girl.” A child who needs love is a child who needs love. More on this another day.
    -No, we didn’t think it’d be easier. Adoption is EXTREMELY time consuming- physically, emotionally, and mentally. We have put hundreds of hours into all that is entailed in this process. My emotions have been up and down for 2 years. I have grown more during this than I thought possible.
    -No, we didn’t think it’d be cheaper. Adoption is EXTREMELY expensive. Contrary to popular belief, under normal circumstances, domestic isn’t cheaper than international. We still have agency fees, government fees, birth mother fees, attorney fees, travel fees...
    With that being said, if you feel like “wow, Adoption is a really incredible thing and I support it but I can’t be the one to adopt a child,” PLEASE consider supporting our adoption! We are so thankful for those who already have! And we’re thankful to have friends and family who believe in adoption! We love you guys!

    Adoption is redemption. It’s costly, exhausting, expensive, and outrageous. Buying back lives costs so much. When God set out to redeem us, it killed Him.
    -Derek Loux

Katie Dante

So much love for you all during this amazing time!

Joel Moenkhoff

Congrats guys!

Ashley Verdi

I love you all so much and am SO excited! ❤️ P. S. This doesn’t negate free babysitting 😉

Paula Kremer

God bless in your decision to adopt.

Hannah Holden

Praying for you guys!

Elijah Ajayi

God bless you all and praying for a smooth adoption process. Ajayi Family

Lauren Nunn

Emily-Kaye Smith

All my love and prayers!

MARY Louis Phelps


Melissa Peterson

Joe and I are so excited for you. We pray that everything goes smoothly. Cannot wait to meet the newest member of your family.

Michael Walker