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Hello! We are Joe and Kali and we are honored you would take the time to learn more about our family. We recently celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary and feel as though we have many blessings in our life including our health, family and friends who love us, financial stability, and unending hope through our relationship with Christ. Joe and Kali met in the Summer of 2011. Shortly after we began dating, Kali started having serious heart problems. Kali eventually required a heart transplant in the Fall of 2011. Needless to say, these serious life circumstances bonded us quickly and we were married in December 2012. Kali is in excellent health now but because of the medication she will always need to take, she will be unable to safely bear a child. We feel our lives are full and blessed, but we desire the addition of a child to make our family complete.

We live in a three bedroom home with a nice fenced-in backyard. There are three parks within walking distance of our house as well as a walking trail that we frequent often. We are involved with our church and both participate in different aspects of serving there. Joe serves on the welcoming team and Kali serves in the children's program. We also enjoy meeting with our small group from our church each week.

Joe works as a schoolteacher and coach. He was recently promoted to head baseball coach at the high school. Kali is a social worker and is employed as a children's therapist. If we are blessed with a child, we would stay home to care for the baby for the first several weeks, then the baby would be enrolled in a child care program. We enjoy spending time with our families, being active together, going on date nights, going to concerts, watching movies, and spending time together, whatever that may be.

On both sides of our families, the child we hope to adopt will be the first grandchild. Our parents and siblings are ecstatic for the future child we hope to adopt and are fully supportive of whatever we may need throughout this process. We are very close with our extended families and greatly value our relationships with them. We would also be open to having a continued relationship with the birth parent of our future child, whether it be contact via letters, emails, photos, or occasional visits.

Lastly, we are humbly asking for financial support through this adoption journey. Adoption costs are high, around $30,000 in total. While Joe and Kali both work full-time and have been saving diligently, we simply don't have the thousands of dollars needed to put towards this adoption. Through this website, we are allowed to raise 1/3 of our total adoption costs through donations. These donations will go directly towards our adoption agency to be used towards our adoption. If you are able, we would ask that you would consider giving toward our financial goal of $10,000 to bring our child home. If you are not able to give financially, we would still appreciate your prayers for our future adopted child, the birthparent(s), and our family. We cannot thank you enough for all of the support you have already shown us through your prayers and financial consideration.


Joe and Kali

Katie David

Praying for you both and your future family! You will be amazing parents and we wish you all the happiness in the world! Love, Katie & Bobby

Michaela Gaston

Wishing you two the best!

Joe Faircloth

Brad & Heather Grabar

Keeping you both in our prayers!😘

Justin & Shelly Koblitz

You two will be awesome parents to some very lucky child. Many prayers.

Susan Rice


Frank, Regina & Lincoln Hart

We wish you all the best love and luck! Can’t wait for your exciting future!

Gary Long

God has perfect timing...Praying for you and your sweet family♥️

Kendall Johns

Landon and Amy Warren

We are praying for you guys as you walk through the adoption process. We can't wait to see how the Lord provides and grows your family.

Delores Diel

You guys will be great parents!

Kathy Broxterman

My son and daughter-in-law adopted a precious baby boy 4 yrs ago, so I know what you are going through! Dont lose faith! We had a couple false alarms, but out of the blue, 3 days before Christmas they received a call that a birth mother chose them and was at the hospital in labor! We jumped in the car and drove 8 hours! Best Christmas present ever!

Cody and Elizabeth Kirkwood

Adopting a child is born from our hearts and you two have BIG Hearts. May GOD Bless you both. Love Elizabeth and Cody

Sabrina Miller

Thank you for your willingness to adopt.

William Evans

Skiatook has been a blessing to my business. Coach Faircloth is loved by my stepkids, Madeline, Tori, Corinne, and Garison. On behalf of my wife, Angelia, and our business, it's our pleasure.

Cody and Elizabeth Kirkwood

Adopting a child is born from our hearts and you two have BIG Hearts. May GOD Bless you both.

maria and brad

Rick & Angie Postier

May all your dreams come true!! You guys will make wonderful parents. 💛

Mikala Gillig

Jesse Madaffari

Can't give much, but can fast and pray a BUNCH. JoAnn and I will keep you guys in our prayers.

Donna Miller

Ed and I are very happy and excited to help Joe and Kali on their adoption process. May God bless their journey!

Rick Ward

Randy Ramsey

Good luck! And congratulations!

Tara Gavellas

As the mama of four, all adopted & one being a heart transplant recipient, I can’t not contribute! I wish you all the luck & I hope you reach your goal quickly! ❤️

J. Rebecca Vaughan

We are excited for your family and look forward to watching your family grow.

Rachel Bardgett

Emmele Reed

Reading this made me so so happy today! Wishing you both the very best and can’t wait to see how the journey unfolds!! ❤️

David & Cara Harney

May God bless your journey, the struggle that will bring you closer & the joy of a child. The Harney’s will pray with you throughout this incredible adventure! Blessings to you.

Bob and Paula Guderian

Kali and Joe, Praying with you for your child to arrive! You are both such great young people and will make wonderful parents!

Rachel Lee


Ryan Clift

Wishing your family all the best in your future endeavors. Love you cuz! The Clift family


Candi Maddux

So excited for y’all! 💗

Kathy Peters

Praying for your family!!

Barbara Koerbacher

Adoption is a beautiful act of love and selflessness. The two of you are filled with the love that comes from having huge hearts and supportive families. I am so excited for you, the grandparents-to-be and the great-grandparents-to be! I know they must be eager to begin spoiling your fortunate child and hope it won't bee too long before you can welcome your little one into the family. God bless you! Love & hugs!

Cammi Hostetler

We love you! you will make the best parents! Praying! Brian & Cammi Hostetler

Kyle Coffman

Karen & Shane Branscum

So excited for you guys!!

Racheal Page

Todd Shelite

Love y'all - Todd & Rachel

Heather Summers

Wishing and praying for the best for you all!!

Jodi Robinson

May God bless you both! ❤️

Erin Nicholson

We can’t wait to meet our future little niece/nephew!

Becky Edwards

Emily Perkins

Love ♥️ Ellison and Memphis

Jo & Cal Frye

May God bless your family!

Shelly Merklein


Eddie & Kelly Thomas

Blessings to you.

Shelley, Jaxson, & Jase Dohn

Jaxson loved having Coach Faircloth as a football coach, & Jase loved him as a teacher. And I love when my kids love their coaches/teachers.❤️ Best wishes for you guys❤️

Carrie and willie Swartz

We will be praying for you both and excited for you guys with this awesome opportunity ahead!

Janna Wilkinson

Corry Hostetler

Casey and Robyn Whitaker


Heather Drummond

Best wishes! Madilyn Drummond and family

Chandler Perigo

Afton Haas

Praying for y'all!

Coffman family

Michelle Todd

God bless you both! We are so happy to help with your journey! Praying for you and your family! Michelle and Monty Todd, Zachary, Cambrie, and Brynlee Frame

Beck & Halle Grabar


Rick and Angie Postier

Megan Sornson

Can't wait to meet the sweet one with the greatest parents!

Nancy Camilleri

You are going to make such awesome parents and I know God has a special little one just for you.

Mom & Dad Merklein

We can’t wait to meet our future grandchild!

Laurie Shelite

You two are sweethearts.....and the Lord is going to bless you greatly with a child ....in His time😊❤️️ We love you, Rockne & Laurie

Cathy Spicer

Love you both!

Trish Bryant

You will be wonderful parents to a blessed child.

Janet Cook

Love you guys!! Jan

Donna Moore


June Gerber

We know you to be wonderful people,and know you'll be wonderful parents. Wishing you the very best! June and Duane

Joe & Patricia Faircloth

We love you guys and we can't wait to see who God is planning to add to our family! --Mom & Dad Faircloth

Whitney Ford

God bless you guys & your child!!

Devon Niedens

Excited for you guys!!



Mike and Linda Helmley

Debbie Richards

This is in honor of Joe's parents, Joe and Patricia...who will love your child unconditionally and will always have an adventure awaiting him or her. From a retired teacher who was blessed to have known them in Chandler. Good memories...Debbie Long Richards

Mike and Chris Nay

Wishing you both the best of luck in your adventure!