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Since we've been married, Brady and I have wanted a family.  After several years of trying, we began to explore the reasons we weren't having success.   We had tests done and were told the likelihood of us having our own biological children was unlikely.  We were devastated.

Adoption seemed as if that would be the route to take.  A friend told us about embryo adoption and we also learned about it from one of the doctors we were working with.  As we looked into it more, it excited us.  Embryo adoption allows us to adopt and I (Amber) could give birth to the babies we adopt.  We learned about Nightlights Christian Adoption and their Snowflake Adoption program.  The Snowflake program matches families who have gone through IVF and completed their families but still have remaining embryos with couples who for one reason or another are unable to achieve pregnancy. This program also allows us to adopt siblings.

Over the last year, we have gone through the education and a home study.  We have learned so many things about the program.  We have also learned we are not alone in this.  Now we are in the matching phase.  That means a family could choose us to adopt their remaining embryos.  It's really exciting and scary.  We know that adoption comes with a cost.  Up to this point we have tried to do it all on our own.  It's hard to ask for help sometimes! We are asking for help. Please consider one of the following 1) Pray for us and also the families that consider us to adopt their remaining embryos 2) If you feel called, please bless us with a gift to help fund the remaining portion 3) Option 1 and 2

Thank you and God Bless!

Brady and Amber

  1. Hello Friends and Family!
    Brady and I feel so blessed by friends and family who have told us they are praying for us and also by those who have blessed us monetarily. We wanted to update you at where we are in the process. Once we entered the matching phase we were matched with a family after about 2 weeks. Brady and I also had the chance to prayerfully consider if we would consider this family. We said yes! The contract phase was next. The contract phase involves agreement on level of contact between the two families as well as Brady and I agreeing to responsible thawing and transferring of embryos at our clinic. Our fertility doctor also agrees during this phase to be responsible in the thawing and transferring.

    A lot of waiting has been involved in this process! The exciting news is now the contracts have been signed. Within the next 1-2 months, our embryos will be shipped to our clinic in Madison! God is Good!

Justin Wolff

Wishing nothing but the best!

Laurie Beckers

Prayers for your growing family!!????

Randi Uelman

Faith doesn’t make things easy, it makes them possible :) Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers!

Jamie Ziemer

Wishing you nothing but the best! Sending prayers your way.

Kim Miranda

We're praying for your family! <3


Will be praying, that the Lord guides and blesses you both, as well as the family that finds it in their hearts to answer your prayers. What an awesome opportunity!

Bob & Kathy Beran

God's blessings to you both as you continue on this wonderful journey! ❤️❤️

Amy & Derick Zernicke

God's Blessings on this AMAZING journey! You will both make terrific parents!

Blake Zernicke

Wishing you guys the best! We will be praying for you.

Brandy, Mike, JB and Hutton Esch

You'll make great parents! <3 Love you <3

Lori Spohr

You two will make wonderful parents! Amazing models for children of what faith and persistence can accomplish! Blessings and best wishes to both of you!

Rachael Etka


Jason Lilly

Here you go my brother and Amber... I wanted to put you guys to $1,000.00. That is one hundred dollars for each one of my kids and me! I'm so excited for you BOTH!!! May God bless you two! With lots of love and prayers, Mr. Jason Lilly Sr.