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I told my family I would always wonder if I just gave up. I did not want that on my heart especially after hosting and bonding with him. International adoption is an emotional rollercoaster, incredible expense, requires years of tenacious persistence, and while all that is going on, it is a complete faith journey with no guarantee. Sounds like parenthood!

When I recently received "the call" of all calls, those of you who know me may be surprised to learn I did not jump for joy. Rather, my head dropped and I was completely silent in the moment. Confident words, "You WILL have him home before Christmas" resulted in springs of tears and...reality.

If adoption is on your heart or if your heart has been on my adoption, will you please add my family to your prayer list &/or partner with us through a tax deductible donation to fund the final adoption expense? Financial payments for adoption are required in hefty bits at certain phases. I am near the finish line including final costs.

God's answer is "Yes and Amen".

Thank you for helping to bring my little guy home to bedtime stories, safe arms, and opportunities. I will be happy to post pictures as soon as we finish legal proceedings. 

Jill Young

Jose Gamboa

We are very happy for you and specially for Brayan!!!

Reena Mehta

Hey Girl! Awesome news! Regards Reena

Jean Bjork

Jennifer, may this selfless journey and outpouring of love and faith be the seed to grow and flourish and enrich your life and the life of a child that you bring into your family.

Shannon Shackerley-Bennett

“Adopting one child won’t change the world: but for that child, the world will change.” - Unknown Special prayers from our family and church for Bryan, you, and your family to continue having the strength and support of your community as you transition into a future place that is certain to be filled with even more joy and awe than you already bring us today. God of great wisdom and wonders, we join with you in the joy of giving. You give us life and breath, you fill the world with beauty, our hands with bounty, and our hearts with the desire to give. With love from, S, R, J, K, H, C, T

Ruby Stone

So happy for you!

Jessie O'Malley Solis

Colin Villone

Siddhi Patel

Wishing you all the best on this great new journey ahead off you! Siddhi.

Erin Serventi

Sending you lots of hugs and love as you begin your new adventure - you're amazing!