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My life experiences have specifically crafted me into wanting to adopt, to add another little person to my life, and to do what I do best as a nurse, care for others.  As a single mother, when I seriously considered adoption, what seemed like a "financial mountain" quickly overshadowed my desire to adopt. I asked myself "how on earth could I afford to find $45,000?"  I know myself well enough that when I set out to do something, I usually find a way to get it done. So, I decided that I would explore every option available out there to add to our family and that is when I came across this opportunity.

Asking to be considered for help for our family with this adoption and writing about why I would like to be considered is something that I could not be happier to explain. I have not been matched as of yet, but I am finally Home-study approved after saving up for quite some time to have enough money to pay for that to be completed. Being fully committed to this process, I have tried to raise as much money as possible, including having a yard sale to pay for part of the home study fee. I have also sold some things that were given to me to sell, and those friends have allowed me to keep the money raised to put toward this adoption. 

I work as a Registered Nurse at a primary school in a self-contained classroom with six amazing first graders who have severe and profound disabilities. My main job is to keep everyone safe and to make sure that no medical emergencies arise during the school day. I also work at a local hospital in the Telemetry/Critical Care-Step-down Unit to make sure I keep my critical care skills up to date.  I absolutely LOVE my job! Taking care of others is what I do best. I have even picked up extra shifts at the hospital to save up for the expenses related to this adoption.

I am a single mother to three hardworking and kind-hearted young men.  Connor is 21 years old and attends The University of Illinois along with his 19-year-old brother Sean.  They both did receive quite a bit of financial aid due to my income being lower, so they could achieve their goals. However, they both had great grades as well as ACT test scores to help them get accepted to such a prestigious school. I helped them as much as I could afford to by working extra shifts at the hospital, but they still do have some loans to pay back after they graduate college. Gavin my 17-yr. old is still attending high school and is currently in his junior year. He works hard for his grades and plays Varsity baseball.   Wherever Gavin chooses to go to college I hope he can be as fortunate as his brothers to get some type of financial aid like they did.

I feel that this will afford me the opportunity to welcome and raise another child in our safe and happy home. The boys are very excited to hopefully have another sibling! The support from them makes my heart sing!

I am learning quickly how expensive the actual adoption process can be, and I am fully prepared to dive into it headfirst, but this will help tremendously by giving our family the extra finances to move forward.

We have cut out all unnecessary expenses such as eating a meal out or even stopping for a coffee before work to help add to the savings account. We are also planning to do another garage sale or two when spring comes.  Still, I feel that we have such a long way to go. I am looking into making t-shirts to sell during events or even promote on social media to help with the costs. 


The main reason I am asking for some help, so that I am financially more capable of providing him or her with opportunities that would otherwise be more challenging to do as a single parent.

Although as always, my priority will still be to provide as much as possible to this child, the extra financial assistance would be extremely beneficial to our journey.

Thank you so very much for considering us for this opportunity.

With a hopeful heart,

Stacy Pecora & Family




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