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Well...we are at it again!!!!!

Christine and I, after a lot of talking, praying and discussing where we want our family to be, have decided to go to China one more time and get another little girl. We got our baby girl Nicole in August of 2018 and it has been a whirlwind but we feel compelled to go again. This is a challenge and will be difficult to accomplish but we feel drawn to this and cannot turn away.

While we were in China the first time, we were able to visit the orphange where Nicole spent the first two years of her life. While there I asked how many children are in this facility and they told me they have 800 but only adopted out 14 last year. That means that children there, at that one facility, have less than a 2% chance of receiving a family of their own. Also, every year they are there, that chance drops even more. That did not sit well for us and we have been bothered about it ever since. EVERY child deserves a chance to have a loving family and it was heartbreaking to see this. Especially since at 14 years old some of the children stay institutionalized due to their medical problems, some go to a government run school or job while others, at 14 years old, are turned out without money, skills, family etc. You can just imagine what happens with those children next. Most of them will survive only a few horrible years.  After coming home, we discussed our family plans and had quite a few options in front of us. We are, however, drawn back to adopting out of China. We feel that this is where God wants us to go and we cannot turn away.  There are needed children everywhere but we feel that China is the best choice for us for a couple of reasons;

1. We have done it before and feel that it would be easier for us this time.

2. Nicole will have a little sister that she can relate to throughout her life. We are going to get a special needs child this time as well. We do not know what her special need will be but we are open to many options.

This will not be easy for us financially. Those that know us are aware that I work 5 different jobs and are still paying off the debt from the first one. However,  we cannot turn away and ignore the path that is set out for us.

We are setting ourselves up with adoptionbridge.org to assist us in our financial obligations. This organization lets families who are called to help us donate to a fund that will be earmarked for our adoption costs. The donation is tax deductable but understand that there will be a 3% credit card fee. If, by everyones generosity, we find that we have too much, then the difference will be placed in another fund for another family to realize their family dreams also. We are asking for some help to assist with this expensive endeavour. If you cannot, we completely understand and just ask that you pray for our success and send this out via your social media platform so it gets as much exposure as possible. 

Thank you so much for your support and God bless.

  1. We are just getting started and have filled out the application wit the adoption agency. This is a long, arduous and expensive process. Your thoughts are appreciated and we will keep updating this post. Thank-you

John Howe

Best wishes!

Maggie Fey

Bianca Paul

This is a beautiful cause. I hope everything goes well!

Carlene Fitzmorris

I pray you will get enough to meet your second daughter.

Dori Schierling

Amazing how the Lord is touching your hearts to adopt another girl. Blessings to you and your family.

Joseph Hiller

Dylan Graves

You guys are amazing for doing this, God bless.

Josh Weston

I am so glad to know you and your generous heart. Good luck and may god bless you on this endeavor.