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Well...we are at it again....only different!!!

There has been a change of plans. Due to COVID, we are unable to travel back to China to extend our family. Instead, we are going through an agency called Faithful Adoption Consultants and will be doing a domestic newborn adoption instead.

This has been a bit of a change from our original plans. We were going to back to China and get another child, around 2 or so. COVID has placed a lot of travel restrictions and the process has changed a bit. Christine follows another family who have finished their process and were supposed to travel in April of 2020 to get their little boy who is in an orphange. As of now, February 2021, they have not been allowed to travel yet. Even when they do, there are more-than-likely going to be a lot of restrictions in place that make traveling very difficult and extra stressful. After talking about it, we decided that there is too much money and too much emotion in play for not a lot of certainty. This helped us come to the decision to stay in the states.

You would think that it would decrease costs but the price remains about the same. At least the travel will be easier. Also, this time we will be getting a newborn. 

I am sending this out again to the masses to reach anyone who may be willing to help us. I have already received a no-interest loan and am working on getting grants. It is still expensive and any help is greatly appreciated. 

Your donation is tax-deductible and any monies that are not needed will go toward another families adoption dreams.

Thank-you so very much.

Adam & Christine Hoffman

  1. We have had to change things due to COVID and are going to be doing a domestic newborn adoption instead. Basically, we will be at the hospital when the birth mother gives birth, wait a week or so and then take our little newborn home with us. We are very excited, yet nervous, about this adventure but it will be worth it in the end.

  2. We are just getting started and have filled out the application wit the adoption agency. This is a long, arduous and expensive process. Your thoughts are appreciated and we will keep updating this post. Thank-you

John Howe

Best wishes!

Maggie Fey

Bianca Paul

This is a beautiful cause. I hope everything goes well!

Carlene Fitzmorris

I pray you will get enough to meet your second daughter.

Dori Schierling

Amazing how the Lord is touching your hearts to adopt another girl. Blessings to you and your family.

Joseph Hiller

Dylan Graves

You guys are amazing for doing this, God bless.

Josh Weston

I am so glad to know you and your generous heart. Good luck and may god bless you on this endeavor.