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Hi! We are Nic and Susannah and we have taken a lot of time to think and pray about the future of our family and we have decided to add to our family through adoption! We are blessed with 3 biological children and we are deeply hopeful that we will be able to offer a forever home to a child through adoption.  For the last 3 years we have been foster parents and we have had the joy and honor to welcome and parent a total of 8 children in our home during that time. As a family we want to continue to draw the circle of our family wider and we have found our hearts have an endless capacity to love.  

We were recently contacted by a mother who has gotten to know our family via social media and she desires for us to adopt her two remaining embryos that were created for IVF but she is no longer able to carry to term. She is prayerful and desirous that we will give them a chance for life. We have both signed contracts giving us legal ownership of her reaming embryos. Within a short window of time the embryos will be implanted into Susannah (at which point they are legally considered our children) and if they successfully transfer she will be able to carry and deliver the babies! We both believe quite firmly that life begins at conception, and we are honored this mother shares our belief and she desires for us to raise her biological children in our home. 

Since we are a family with a single income raising this kind of money can be tricky! The greatest thing you can do for us moving forward is PRAY! Pray for our family, pray for these children that we hope to welcome, and most of all pray for the family that is has made an incredibly selfless choice in order to allow their babies to have a chance at life. Adoptions are expensive, but because we have been able to privately match, sign, and mediate an open agreement we reduced the amount we need. We are now in need of approximately $5,000 to cover the costs of moving the embryos to Michigan, the medication to help with a successful transfer, and of course the actual transfer of the frozen embryos to Susannah! The amount of money is very daunting to us be we know that since God has called us to this, he will provide the funds for us to make these babies a part of our family. If you can help us financially, please know how grateful we are for any support that you can offer! It means the world to us that you are willing to love our family and support us as we start this miraculous journey! We can't wait to see how God moves in our lives and yours as we prayerfully prepare to welcome these young lives into our family. 

We know that embryo adoption/donation is a new idea for so many so please feel free to reach out an ask question or look at the following websites for more information!




Standing on his promises,

Nic, Susannah, Violet, Declan, and Sawyer Sims

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amarely quintanilla

I wish you all the best! :)