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     Our names are Rob and Jessica. This year marks our 12th wedding anniversary, and it would bring us great joy to add a child to our family during this very special year! We are looking to adopt a child to love unconditionally and to provide a home full of laughter, fun and family.

     We have been trying to have children for over 7 years and for some reason it hasn't happened. Recently, we found out that Jessica has an extremely low egg reserve for her age, and it will be very unlikely for us to conceive a child. This has been a difficult journey for us and it was really hard to get that diagnosis, but we have hope now! We began to look into adoption because it has always been our hearts' desire to have a family. A few years ago, we attended an adoption seminar and met with an advisor, so we knew a little bit about the process. Then recently, God started giving us signs that it was time to start our adoption journey and that God was in the details - down to finding Nightlight and even having the exact amounts of money we needed for the initial amounts in the adoption process. These experiences were not coincidences. We are so excited and have faith that God will bless our journey to adopt!  We dream of the day we will find our forever family match.

     We are using Adoption Bridge to help offset our adoption costs and to give our friends and family the opportunity to take part in this major life event. As you may know, the fees for an adoption add up to quite a large amount of money. Any monetary donations given toward our adoption will be sent to our agency and placed directly towards our adoption costs. We are so thankful for having you in our lives and appreciate any support you can give, including your prayers.

With much Love,

Robert and Jessica

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Lisa Garcia

So thrilled for you ! I’m praying for you as you walk through this exciting journey .. God has a plan ! I look forward to all He has for you! Love you!❤️


You’re going to be great parents!

Patty Gorman

I am so excited for you both and wish you nothing but happiness on this new journey!

Yahaira Alvarez

Myrna Baker

We can't wait for our new grand niece or nephew! You're going to be great parents!

Sharon Wilson

Wish you both a short wait.

Analee Israel

Mollie Rizzo

So excited for you guys!! Can’t wait to see all the updates and follow along! Praying for you guys and the process! May it be quick!

Barbara Sharpe

Jess and Rob- You two will be great parents!! I wish you the best of luck on this journey!! ~Barbara

David and Marland Cannella

Michael Brink

Congratulation and best of luck!

Ron and Kim Clark

Praying for you both

Linda Howell

We are so excited and are looking forward to seeing how God answers our prayers for you.

Amy &Tim Hetz

We are overjoyed for you all and blessed to be given the opportunity to help. You are both going to be amazing parents!


Grateful for you and your friendship.

Amanda Sikorski

Sending you best wishes and hopeful prayers!

Tyler Warfel

Gerline Smith