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Hello, I first started thinking about adopting when I was 14 and was not having my monthly cycle and I had seen Annie on television. I knew that I wanted to adopt or foster children when I was old enough. My maternal grandmother had fostered children in Canada in the post war era and told me quite some interesting stories. Because of having PCOS, and having fertility issues, I have decided that I am going right to the adoption option.  My parents are in their 70s and asking for grandchildren before they get too old to enjoy them. For now though they are enjoying my Yorkshire Terriers - Mikey and Zoey.  I am self employed part time in the health and wellness sector and volunteer in my community when I have spare time. I am in my 40s and know that my heart would love to create a bond with a child ( or two) and bring them into my home. I have a lot of love to give to a little one ( interested in adopting a child or two up to the age of 11) and hope to pass on my academic tricks of the trade( being dyslexic as a child), and offer guidance and protection as parents do. I chose to put a profile on Adoption Bridge because their mission and values were similar to mine, in that I believe that all children deserve to be happy, healthy and safe in the home they live in and at least have some relationship to their parent if its open adoption, or semi open. I would prefer semi open, or exchanging photos or emails on an arranged basis. If the parent is against an open adoption of any sort, then a closed one is fine too. I am in Canada currently, but am moving to the Wisconsin area this summer. 

  1. I am now 43, coming out of my income slump so am returning to the dream of being a parent.

  2. I am now almost 40 and still working towards adopting a child that needs help - preferably someone with mild learning differences or cultural heritage similar to mine -- ( german/english/irish.

Melanie Thiede

Never give up!