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Update (11.20.21): We were matched with 3 embryos and after many delays (contracts, COVID-19, etc.), we were finally able to do a frozen embryo transfer (FET) with 1 embryo in early November. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful and did not result in a pregnancy. Although we are heartbroken, we have not lost hope and know that God's timing is perfect. We will make plans to proceed with another FET soon, but need assistance with funding once again. One FET procedure is $3,000 and medications are roughly $1,600 (neither of these is covered by our health insurance). Any donation big or small, is extremely appreciated. Funds raised on this page will go directly to our fertility clinic for the procedure. We are deeply grateful for those who have contributed to our adoption before - you made it possible to afford the first transfer due to this page raising $3,020! God is sweet to surround us with loving friends & family - thank you for the donations and prayers! We love y'all and how you already love on these future babies of ours. To God be the glory!

(February 2020): We are a God-loving couple with the hopes of growing our family through adoption. It has always been our hope to have a family with both biological and adopted children. However, three years into our marriage, we received an infertility diagnosis and were informed we cannot conceive children of our own. The diagnosis was heartbreaking for both of us. However, we never gave up on dreams to grow our family, and chose to use Nightlight Christian Adoptions as our adoption agency. We are currently pursuing an embryo adoption and praise the Lord for the opportunity! Although we have done several fundraisers, we are still in need of funds. Specifically, we are in need of funds for the contracts, the meds for the medical procedure (similar to IVF), and the medical procedure itself. We are thankful for Adoption Bridge as it is a great organization to help build families. Thank you to those who have faithfully prayed and donated to our adoption! We are humbled and appreciative for all the support! We cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned for our family!

Jerri Johnson

Adam and Maribel, As I have come to know y’all, I want you both to be able to experience the joys of parenthood. Love, The Johnson Family

Rebecca Rider

We love you! Rhawn and Becky

Gwen Peturis

We are excitedly waiting for God's timing in the blessing of another grandchild.

Tonya Dupre’

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Psalms 127:3

Amy Mosley

Carol Townley

We love y'all.....Roger and Carol

Beth Robinson

I’m so happy for you both! You are in my prayers! Ik y’all are in God’s favor!

Evelyn & Collin Aikman

We send our blessings as you go through this process. Collin & Evelyn

Nick Peturis

Praying for you guys and can't wait to see what awesome parents you will be! Nick & Gaylan

Michele & Steve White

We are so excited about your adoption journey and can’t wait to welcome your baby to the family ❤️

Donna Thompson



Perry & Karen Zakutney

kelsey Hill

Congratulations on your match!! ❤️

Hineka Franklin

Nece Eubanks

Donna Thompson

Praying that the journey to Baby Peturis will move forward smoothly in God’s perfect timing during this season when so many things are uncertain! ❤️ 🙏🏼

Roy & Niki Whitaker

We pray that God continues to bless your adoption journey and directs your path to so that you can clearly see the steps he has outlined for you! We are so happy for you both and can’t wait to watch the continuation of this process!

Tiffany Parker

Courtney Hanke

Jeff and Stephanie Hunter

We can’t wait to meet this answer to prayer!!! We love you dearly and rejoice to see what God is doing!!

Randy Peturis

Laura Rhoden

We are so excited for you guys!❤️

Michele & Steve White

Lifting up prayers for your family and sending love your way ❤️ Y’all will be wonderful parents!

Samantha Gastineau

kelsey hill

praying for your continued journey!

Alecia Grantham

Sending prayers for you!!


Fueling hope ...

Perry Zakutney