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You all might remember we started this same process in 2018, and in 2020, we brought home our joyful son Bobby from Bulgaria.  Well, as a family we have decided to begin the process for another child, a girl this time from Bulgaria. 

We believe God has called us to open our home again to another child.  When Jami and I got married we always knew adoption would be part of our story, we also knew we wanted four children.  As pregnancy was not easy on my body, we chose to add to our family through adoption.  We chose Bulgaria because the Romani people are dear to our hearts. As many of you know, Jami and I met in Romania on a mission trip working in Roma villages. We are unable to adopt from Romania because we are not of Romanian descent, so we chose a neighboring country.  Bulgaria is also a stable program with travel requirements that are reasonable for our family. Amelia said no more boys, so we are requesting to adopt a girl, age 7-12 years old, so she will be close to Amelia in age.  

Our family is so excited to begin this journey again and feel now is the time. Jami and I know people say we are too busy now and ask why would we add more to our plates. Our answer is if not us then who? Why not now? Our faith is in God the Father; He will provide and sustain us. When energy is thin, we lean into Him. If funds are low, we trust Him. If we cannot see the plan, we still follow Him. The church is called out in Scripture multiple times to care for the orphans, to step out in faith and trust. This is our way of living out our faith. 

Adoption is not only physically, mentally and emotionally draining, it can be financially draining as well. The cost of adoption (like everything since COVID) has increased, as much as 40% since we brought Bobby home four years ago. We are using AdoptionBridge as our crowdfunding site to help fundraise for our adoption. We are also applying for eligible grants and may add other fundraisers in our community. If you feel so led, we appreciate your support in this process.  We appreciate your financial support as well as your prayer support. 

Feel free to reach out to us!

The Parks Family

Jami, Adrienne, Benjamin, Amelia and Bobby


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