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   Bri and I have always considered the act of adoption as one of the most significant and loving actions one can do for another.  Although our hearts have been open to the idea of adopting a child for a very long time, we thought that the “right time” would be after we first had our own biological children.  However, Bri and I haven’t been able to have our own children for 5 years which as you might imagine has been difficult. When you carry such an intense longing to be parents but are medically considered a case of “unexplained infertility”, you can’t help but be shaken to the core a little (it’d be nice to at least have a problem with an identified potential solution).  Fortunately, it has provided the opportunity to grow together in our marriage, in our personal faith in Christ, and in our perspective on the family.
We were inspired to action one morning after receiving an email from a missionary in another country.  An infant had been left on their front porch that day in the hopes that someone would take care of the child.  Our hearts were changed that day.  We realized (in a much more personal way) that children exist right now in the world who in many cases don’t know what love is, don’t know what family is.  They don’t know what it means to be significant or wanted.   Could God use our infertility as His opportunity to reach into a child’s life somewhere in the world and show them that they are loved, are significant, and can be a part of a family as an actual son or daughter? That is our hope.
   The coming months and years will prove to be both an exciting and challenging time for us.  To think that one day soon, we will bring a child into our home and community and call him “son” or her “daughter” is just amazing.  We know that the joyful moments will be plenty, but we also know that roadblocks will pop up.  We can’t fully anticipate the difficulties that may arise during our own adoption process, but we’ve heard some crazy stories - basically we need to be prepared for anything!  We don’t want to go through this alone – you are our community and support system.   We want you to share in those joyful moments and successes we encounter along the journey.  We’ll also look to you for “rallying” strength during the hard times.
We can’t thank you enough for your commitment to helping us adopt a child into our family! Please check out our video to learn more about our journey!
Love - Drew and Bri

Kaycee Nuce

It was a privilege to meet you two at the CORE training. We pray God's blessing on you as you make your way to Haiti to receive the precious gift(s) that God has prepared for you. Keep in touch! Michael and Kaycee Nuce