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We, Mike and Jen, met in 2012 and got married a year later due to having a very deep connection from the start (Mike would say, “love at first sight”) and feeling God’s affirmation after much prayer.  As a couple, we enjoy spending time outdoors and engaging in activities like hiking, camping, walking our dog Maggie, going to the beach, and swimming.  We also love spending time with family and friends and sharing meals together. 

At first, we thought we wanted to have one biological child and adopt our second child, as we have always had a heart for adoption.  Jen has worked as a foster care social worker for many years, so she knows the many struggles of children in need of a forever home and desires to provide the love and care they deserve.  Mike is in the process of earning his Master of Social Work as he too has a big heart for helping those in need and is excited to adopt.  While trying to get pregnant for about a year, we both felt our hearts tugged more and more towards adoption, and we felt led by God to adopt a baby, even if able to conceive, and to adopt a second child through foster care. 

Since we would like the experience of raising a baby, we decided to do a domestic infant adoption.  The only downside of this option is that it is a more financially burdensome choice.  We are hoping that if you feel inclined to support us in our goal of adoption, that you will consider helping us fund this grand adventure (our fundraising goal is only about a third of what it will cost).  Whatever you can give is much appreciated.  This AdoptionBridge page is one option to make it easier to give towards this cause as it makes your donation tax-deductible.  Thank you and God bless you.


Mike and Jen

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Melanie & Jesse Hernandez

So excited for you guys! You are going to be such awesome parents!!

Melissa Wake

Jeff and I know you will be amazing parents and your future child will be so blessed and loved. We wish you the best on your journey.

Rosalva Gutierrez

Looking forward to being a tia 💞

Bailey Bailey

Jen, when I think of you I remember you for your warmth and kindness. You will be an amazing mother.

Becky Kelly

Best of luck on your journey from your old PoP friend!

Melissa Carr

We are always honored to contribute toward adoption :-) Blessings to you two as you pursue expanding your family. You will be an amazing mother!

Naira Shahbazyan

Lots of love and lock on your biggest adventure Jen and Mike !!! Love you Jen 🌸 God Bless 🙏🏻😘

Nancy Nguyen


Can’t wait to meet a new cousin! Sending love 💕! Christy, Pete, Lilah, & Sadie

Carisa Koch

Praying for you!

Erika Ratowsky

Your future baby is so lucky to have you for a mother. Wishing you all the best! 💕

Paul Lacson

We are with you no matter what happens. Lovingly, Paul & tita zsazsa

Paul Lacson

We are with you no matter what happens. Lovingly, Paul & tita zsazsa

Valerie Dalton

I'm so excited to hear you are trying to adopt. You guys will make the most loving and wonderful parents!! I can't wait :) Lots of love to both of you!!

Allison Demetros

You will make amazing parents!

Lisa Albers

So happy to support you on this wonderful journey to parenthood. Praying for a successful adoption.

Alex Uvidia

We love you guys! So excited for the little bundle, and amazing blessing God has in store for you!! :) -Alex, Angie, and Kate

Stacy Hernandez

Looking forward to seeing family photos!

Linda Davis

Jennifer Law

I am so happy for you two! I cant wait to hear more updates about both conceiving and adopting your beautiful baby boy/girl! God hears your prayers and this is such a beautiful journey that you two are embarking on. I will be praying for the both of you for a smooth, wonderful, and God-smiling, awe inspiring story ahead! Love you guys!!

Brian Oliver

Gayle Scott

Dear Mike and Jen. I’m thrilled for you both. This is an amazing and beautiful adventure. I love your video. It’s inspiring. I wish you all the best in this journey! Gayle

Gail Dussing

Hi Mike & Jen, So happy you're going to adopt a child. The rewards are so great. Love, Aunt Gail

Casey Lang

So excited for you both. This is a beautiful journey you are on and I just know you will be blessed.

Christine Allen

Good luck! We love you and miss you!

Barry Allen

Good luck! Hope you find the best one for you.

Susan Baker

Love you!

Jeffrey Lacson

Angelina Allen

Jen & Mike, You are both in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this amazing journey. We hope that you will soon meet your beautiful bundle of joy. Love you and know that you will both be amazing parents!! Aunt Angie & Uncle Dave

Jessica Pham

Jen and Mike, We’re so excited for you! The child is so lucky to have you as parents. Love, Shane & Jess

Ryan McDonald

Abraham SyCip

Hi Jen and Mike, You will both make wonderful loving parents! Hope this donation helps in the process! Love, Joefi

Timothy Barringer

Good luck on your adoption journey!