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Bobby and I assumed that once we got married, five years ago, we would immediately get pregnant. Well, the joke has been on us. We did get pregnant once, three years ago, but miscarried around the third week. Since then- nothing. We have been to two different fertility doctors- one in California and one in Arizona. The first one, from California, very coldly informed us that I was too old and Bobby was not producing enough and that our only option was IVF. It came with a $30,000 a round price tag. Well, we had just been offered jobs in Arizona and were hoping to buy our first house, so we chose to take our chances and move instead of pursuing IVF in California.

The doctor in Arizona gave us hope that IUI could help us. We tried twice and then Covid happened. During that year, the governor wasn't allowing fertility treatments to happen so we lost a whole year. When we finally went to see our doctor, he ordered updated tests. The news wasn't good: now they could only find one of my ovaries and he said there were hardly any follicles on it. He said we had two options- IVF or adoption. He didnt think IVF was viable, so he really pushed adoption.

After a great deal of crying and praying, we started the adoption process, hoping to have a newborn by Fall. We completed our home study and got certified. I eagerly began calling up agencies, registered with the state, and was excited for the possibilities of welcoming our baby home at last. Instead, we were repeatedly told that there were no birth moms in the state willing to give up their babies, no babies available through the state, and then were lectured on how selfish we were being at not wanting to adopt older children. To say it was disheartening is putting it mildly.

On top of that, I am fast approaching my 40th birthday which is this coming April 2023. I had always imagined that by 40, I would be the mother to at least three children.I would have the girls enrolled in dance classes, the boys doing sports, and I can hardly wait to take them to Disneyland for the first time. Bobby wants to coach their little league teams, teach both boys and girls how to work on cars, and cannot wait for that first overnight camping trip up to Prescott he wants to take them on.

We absolutely adore children and have always envisioned our married life with kids. We want to raise them in the church, knowing the Lord, and happily engaging in church socials. We also believe in a good education that is rooted in a love of history and literature. Did I mention I am a highschool English teacher?

Bobby is also very much into hobbies such as model trains, woodwoking, and video gaming. These are all things that he hopes to one day enjoy alongside our children. 

We are using AdoptionBridge because the expense of embryo adoption is high. It's not as high as regular IVF, but its still a very daunting prospect. We hope that you and yours can help us afford our dream of becoming "Mom" and "Dad" soon.

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