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We are very excited, humbled, and grateful for the privilege to adopt a child. While we have had our struggles with conceiving naturally, we've always considered the possibility of adoption and we are very hopeful to be parents and start our family.  We want to provide a loving and caring home, where our bundle of joy will be nurtured, nourished, and deeply loved. We are blessed to have so many friends and family supporting us on this journey!  As we face the costs of this adoption process, we would be grateful and humbled to have others partner with us financially to help us in such a real and generous way.

  1. Thank you so much for your overwhelming response and support! We are so grateful!!

    We are excited to share that we have been matched with an expectant mother of a baby girl! She is due in November and we beyond excited and hopeful that this match will be successful. Thank you again for continued support during this process. We feel so loved and held by your beautiful comments and your generous financial support.

    With much love,

    Alex and Megan


HECK YEAH!!! This kiddo is going to strike gold.

Eden Terrell

Megan and Alex, I don't know Alex, but if Megan picked you, you must be a great apple. Here's hoping your little sprout grows up to be big and amazing and wonderful and kind and smart and loving just like you. Best wishes on your journey! Eden (and Kurt, and our sprouts Harper and Crosby) Terrell

Mary Kate Yost-Daljev

You two will be wonderful parents! Love to you both! Steve, Mary Kate and Martin

Sarah Hack

I'm so excited for you guys. As an adopted child myself, this is a glorious gift and life-changing miracle you are seeking out. Much love to you!

Kristy Markos

Alex and Megan, This baby is going to be the luckiest kid in the world having you two as parents! I am over the moon excited for you and I'm here for any support you need. Love you both. <3 Kristy


Wishing you two the best of luck!!!

Lacey Hayes

Best of luck Megan and Alex! Please let me know how else I can support. Not sure if the timing will work out, but you’re welcome to our baby stuff as he outgrows it in the Future.

Katy Jones

Congratulations! You'll make a wonderful mother, Megan.

Samba Halkose

Love you

Adrienne Richart

Congratulations on your decision to adopt. I wish you all the best!

Erin Beddingfield

Congratulations, you two - what an exciting adventure! Megan - I can't think of a better person than you to impart joy, love, and selfless giving onto the next generation. I'm here for anything you guys need! xo

Tae and Sarah Lee

We are so excited for you guys. You will be amazing parents!

Meg B

Wishing you all the best! xoxo

Jennifer Dodenhoff

Alex & Megan - The two of you will be such fantastic parents. With much love, Jenn & Kris

Joshua Poteat

So excited for you both! For you all!

Allie Malis

I am so happy for you! And completely inspired. So wonderful. A very lucky baby to say the least.

Marjke Yatsevitch

I love you guys so much. I am so excited for you. You will raise a beautiful loving human. Can't express to you how in awe of you I am. Love. Love. Love.

Kush Patel

We love you guys and hope this helps you on your journey. Love Kush and Rekha.

Christopher Vasquez

Best of luck! Much love, Vasquez Family

Deana Cavan

You will be such wonderful parents!

Julien Kreuze

Congrats, guys! As a new father myself, I can imagine the hope and excitement. If you end up doing this internationally, let me know! I'll be working on adoptions in China in just a few months. All the best!

peter svendsen

Claire Peters

Wishing you the best.

Suellen Leugers

How exciting! You will be the best parents and this little one is so lucky. Here's to teaching him/her yoga, tennis, golf, hockey and whatever else! Love to you both.

Andrea Stocksdale

I wish you lots of love on this journey.

Zumra Gutierrez

Megan and Alex, Such wonderful news! We are over the moon happy for you! You guys will make great parents! Please let us know if we can help in any other way! Love Zumra and Eli

Zumra Gutierrez

Megan and Alex, Such wonderful news! We are over the moon happy for you! You guys will make great parents! Please let us know if we can help in any other way! Love Zumra and Eli

Kim LeBlanc

Sending my love and support!

Mary Catherine Starr

Congrats!!! This is SO exciting and I’m thrilled for you guys. You’re going to be AMAZING parents ????????

Nathalie Robert Edgar

With love from Nathalie and Johan

Jan Croke

We are so excited for you guys! That's one lucky little human who's going to be blessed with you as parents! Love and big hugs to you all, Jan and Bill xox

John and Stephanie Grant

Super ready for Baby Bracy-Beguin #BBB

Judith Cady

I’m so excited for you! Your little one will be so loved????

Alli Spohn

I’m so excited for the two of you and this journey you're taking. You’ll be wonderful parents!

Katherine Baker

Elizabeth Remick

For a great lady and what I can only imagine a greater couple and soon-to-be family. Love, Liz (Mann)

Saba Berhane

Congratulations my dear friends! I am so happy and excited for you❤️

Jen Clancy

Oh man - can’t wait to share stories with this kiddo . Super stoked for you two and the lucky little one that you get to bring into your family!

Ben Verschueren

So great you are doing this - you two are amazing and I can’t wait to watch the family continue to grow!

Taran Thapa

What a great news to wake up with? Congratulations!

Carrie Bruner

I am so excited for you both. This child is going to have two amazing people for parents! Congratulations!

Ashley Paraiso

What a lucky kiddo. We are thrilled for you and know you will be the best parents. Lots of love to you and your growing family, Megan and Alex!

Alyson Latham

I am so excited for you guys! Wishing you and your growing family all the best!!

Kat Buechel

Love and prayers for a speedy arrival for your newest addition.

Emma Plaut❤️❤️


Julia Hornaday

Emma Merlis

Love to your growing family!

Cheryl Cox

Congrats you guys! Can't wait to meet your new addition!

Hannah Cortez

How exciting! I know you're going to create a loving and nourishing home. Sending love from CA!


We’re so happy for you all!

Sarah Wagoner

Jason and I are so excited for you two. You will make amazing parents!!

Tom Marsden

It is my pleasure to contribute. I don’t know Alex, but I do know you and as a parent of two kids of my own and two former stepdaughters I understand what good parenting requires. You have the right stuff, Megan.

Dani & Reggie Abrams/Barker

We are so excited for you!!

Alison Breland

So excited for you two!

Alli Hoffman

So much love to you! Adoption is so special.

Jessica Potashnik

Cheers to you and your beautiful family to be. Continue to bring the light into this wonderful crazy world of ours. Xoxo

Wendy Perron

The world needs more parents like you!

Bara Vaida

Happy to support your efforts to become a mom Megan. You are going to be amazing!

Samantha Johnson

You're going to be amazing parents!

Cheryl Cox

Yay! ❤

Christine Baumann

Best of luck to you both! Sending good vibes for November!

Lara Dalinsky

Thanks for having big hearts.

Sarah Dick

You guys will be wonderful parents!

Pam Cliszis

SO excited & thrilled to hear of your match! Wishing you all a smooth next few months as you await the birth of your baby girl to be ❤️

Peggy O’Connor


Ellie & Justin

Wishing the best for you and your family!

Cailin Dejillas

Congratulations and welcome to the world of parenting! You two will be amazing - such a lucky little sweetie to fall into your arms. Love, Cailin, Leo, Lucia, and Katie

Erin Mackay

I'm so excited for you guys - you deserve all of the happiness this child will bring to your lives. And Megan, you are going to be an AMAZING mother!! xoxox

Dan Shuman

Dear Megan and Alex- We are so inspired and excited as you go through this process! Our hearts are with you and the child that is making her way to a most-loving pair of parents-to-be! Much love always, Anna and Dan