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As I face the costs of this adoption, I would be blessed and humbled to have you partner with me financially to help me in such a tangible and sacrificial way.
I have spent over 18k out of my savings and am more than willing to share a list of those costs with you! I have also applied for grants and no interest loans and am presently doing fundraisers.... selling coffee and peanuts:). The pic is us at my moms house over Christmas.  Adoption has been my desire and prayer since my twenties.  (Some of you may remember me looking for a run away orphan in Asia while serving as a missionary there.)  I believe the Lord is answering my prayer through 3  South American sisters.   I came across a hosting program and liked this model of the girls visiting here first before adoption proceedings.  Their case worker came also and stayed in my home a week and gave me a good evaluation of our interactions.  Her recommendation was that me adopting the girls was in the best interest of the girls.  I am not allowed to give you any details about the girls' background.  But I can tell you that the girls and I formed a strong bond, and all the sisters have expressed that they want me to adopt them.  We Skype video call for an hour every two weeks with an international student being my translator.   I feel the love between us is growing stronger and stronger, and I hope you will want to be part of this story by sowing an adoption seed in each girl’s life!  “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.”  Philippians 4:17 Needed: 2 Architects giving $1,000 for each girl 5 Foremen giving $300 for each girl 12 Carpenters giving $100 for each girl Which one will you be? “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.  Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.”  Psalm 127:1 #makeadoptiongreatagain #pleasehelpmebringthemhome

  1. I have been officially matched with the girls by their government!! Thank you all again for believing in me and loving the orphan in such a tangible way!

  2. Yesterday I got word that Columbia has approved my dossier without any extra questions needing to be answered!!! This is a huge praise because three other families that are also adopting from the same host kid group, they all were required to give extra info!!! That added step adds another 1-2 months to the process!! Incidentally, all three of those other families are not Christians. We are a tight knit group. Please pray for me as I minster to them. Thanks again.

  3. My Dossier has been translated in country and is being reviewed. It looks like I won’t get a court date to travel to get the girls until the new year.

  4. $12,200 has been sent in for dossier. Now I am waiting for a referral. Please pray I can get the girls before Christmas.

Abbie Anderson

Shannon I’ve been praying for you since I left Texas and hearing about these girls makes me so happy. God is so good and I just hope i can help you change these girls lives!

Ola Ayers

Hi Shannon, Hope everything works out for you and the girls.

Jennifer Byrd

So excited for you and the girls!!

Eyvette Laughlin

I’m praying for you & the girls to be together soon! Love you, Eyvette Laughlin

International Christian Fellowship

Shannon, we at ICF love and value you greatly. You are an asset to our ministry and we are thrilled at the opportunity to get to be a part of your family.

Susan Bennett

Thank God for adopting us Gentiles! Thank God for you! Love you, Sue

Diane Talbot

I'll be praying that God speeds the money to you so the girls can come as soon as possible. Love to you all, Dee Dee

Elizabeth Mears

Dale Lingenfelter

God bless you!

Angie Carswell

Praying for God’s perfect timing.

Christy Smith

Elizabeth Rachal

Praying for God’s help for you and these precious children.

Debra Parker

Love you my friend!!!

Patricia Watson

I am praying for you Shannon as you prepare to take on this enormous task. May God give you strength and perseverance equal to three teenaged girls. I love you! Pat

Susan Rairdon

Praying for you!

Mark Armstrong

Good Job Shannon. The Lord bless you.