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Hello and welcome to our adoption fundraiser page!  We have been longing for a family since we married more than 10 years ago.  Unfortunately we have battled with infertility over these many years.  By God’s grace and by the tender love of our friends and family we will welcome a new baby into our home to become forever family with us.  Because adoption is a very revered process it is also quite costly.  The process to adopt a baby involves medical, agency, travel and legal costs.  Fortunately we have a little start, but we are still a long way off. 

In 2012 we moved down to Fresno and decided that after several years of marriage it was time to start a family.  After a couple more years of no results it would be time to see if there were any medical reasons why we had been unsuccessful and whether we could do anything about it.   That started several years of medical treatments and a focus on our health to maximize the possibilities.  Unfortunately it came with several years of roller-coaster emotions giving us both hope and disappointment each month.  Due to these many heartbreaking negative results, about a year ago we decided to stop further medical treatment.  During that time our hearts grew to love the idea of adoption. 

Growing up, I always believed that someday I would be a father.  It was just something that I expected would happen sometime in the future despite not knowing how or when.  I had a belief that eventually I would meet somebody who I fell in love with and would start a family.  I never really thought about it then what it would mean, but as the years passed I started to gain a desire to share who I was with a new generation.  To take all the things I am and to pass it on to another as best I can.   

I too thought that I would be a mother, pouring my love and life skills into a little person.  The years of infertility have tested my faith and grown me in ways I never knew possible.  I fully trust that no matter what, God still only wants the best for Brian and I.  I also fully trust that He loves the fatherless and orphaned.  We know the road ahead may be bumpy for Adoption.  But we are so excited to take on this next journey in our lives!

Adoption, as most of you may know, can be quite expensive.  That's why we're inviting you to be a part of our adoption journey.  We are humbled at the thought of our community financially rallying around us to make this dream a reality.  We cannot thank you enough for considering to partner with us in big or small ways as we continue the search for our new child.  Below are several details to help you understand the process, fees and timeline.

When looking at different ways of approaching adoption we decided that it was important to us (at least for a first child) to adopt a newborn.  We don’t want to miss any part of our new child’s life.  For a newborn, the options are almost always to pursue domestic or International private adoption.  Since there are many needs in our own county we feel we should forgo international options.

Looking at the cost of Private Domestic adoption.  The range of costs can be $30,000-$50,000 with the average being around $43,000.  The four primary costs are paying for the social services of the agency we work with, legal costs to make sure everything is handled correctly, potential travel expenses and then possible medical and/or living expenses for the birth mother.  While seemingly high, knowing what the costs go to, it starts to make sense.  We have our own savings dedicated to this, but if we were to do this without help it would take years to be able to pursue.  We have family who are willing to help, but there is still a gap.  We ask you to join us on this journey if you can.  The

After the home study process of a few months, the waiting time varies. But it could be as short as two weeks or as long as two+ years, which is why we started this fundraising page as soon as possible. Long story short, we'd like to be as financially ready as possible to say "yes!" as soon as a potential match comes our way. Once the match happens, several large fees are due (birthmom expenses, attorney retainers, etc). When the baby is born and placed with us, the large placement fee will be due and attorney fees will continue until the adoption is finalized. 

If we end up raising more money than the adoption costs, funds will go toward baby essentials, nursery items, or a possible second adoption. 

We can't thank you enough for considering to help us in our adoption journey. Whether you are able to give a little or a lot, we are honored to be impacted by your generosity. But even more than your financial gift, we ask that you begin praying for us, for the birth parents we will be matched with, and for baby Lawrence as we walk through this journey together.

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